$6,000 Fashion Statement: Grab Travis Barker’s Blood-Stained Concert Pants!

In a whirlwind 2023, Blink-182’s powerhouse drummer, Travis Barker, took the global stage by storm during the band’s colossal world tour. As the rhythmic heartbeat of the tour, Barker’s journey transcended music, leaving an indelible mark on fans worldwide. Now, the rockstar is offering enthusiasts a chance to own tangible relics of this epic adventure.

The Auction Extravaganza on Trophy

Barker has decided to part with some of his most cherished possessions from Blink-182’s tour, and the authenticated collectibles site, Trophy, is the stage for this exclusive auction. From drumsticks that echoed across arenas to the very articles of clothing that adorned him, fans can now immerse themselves in the essence of the tour.

Blood-Stained Vans: A Rockstar’s Footsteps

One of the standout items is a pair of size 9.5 Vans x Masterminds, bearing the battle scars of Barker’s electrifying performances. Priced at a cool $4,000, these shoes not only represent a journey but tell a story of a rockstar’s resilience. The listing proudly declares, “Featuring real blood splatter!” and comes encased in a “museum-grade” display, ready to be showcased in your living room.

Fashion Meets History: Manchester Concert Pants

For those seeking a bold fashion statement, Barker’s black Dickies pants, stained with the authenticity of the Manchester, U.K. concert, are on the auction block. The blood on the knees tells a tale of rock intensity, and at $6,000, these pants are not just clothing but artifacts of a musical saga.

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Musical Artifacts: Drumsticks and Snare Head

The auction extends to the very tools that created the beats of Blink-182’s latest album, “One More Time.” Blood-covered drumsticks, priced at $1,500, and a blood-splattered snare head, fetching $2,000, offer fans a chance to own a piece of musical history.

Charity in Harmony: Supporting Lost But Not Forgotten

Beyond the allure of rock memorabilia, Barker’s auction has a heartwarming touch. A portion of all proceeds will be dedicated to Lost But Not Forgotten, a California-based charity providing crucial support to young people during the holiday season. This philanthropic element adds depth to the auction, making it a unique blend of rock and compassion.

A Glimpse into Barker’s World: Family and Future Tours

Away from the stage, Barker has embraced fatherhood once again, welcoming his fourth child with Kourtney Kardashian in November. As the holidays approach, the drummer is set to savor quality time at home before gearing up for Blink-182’s 2024 tour, promising fans more musical adventures.