Top Perfume Organizers To Organize Your Perfume Collection

You probably have your cosmetics storage figured out, but have you given any consideration to how you may best store your fragrances? We’ve all seen those ideal Instagram images of a perfume organizers styled with flowers and expensive coffee table novels, neatly arranged and ready to be Instagrammed. While it’s true that many items, notably the latest in cosmetic trends, seem better on social media, that doesn’t mean your perfume collection has to.

A beautiful Instagram photo is ready to happen, regardless of whether you have 20 fragrances or two. Read on to find out how to create your own custom perfume display worthy of a magazine spread and how to simplify your daily cosmetic regimen in the process. As such, we’ve included some of our favourite methods for storing fragrances.


There are several alternatives to using a perfume tray or the empty shelves of a medicine cabinet to keep your perfume. Perfume, like cosmetics and skincare, may be neatly organised in compact transparent containers (that yet leave most of the bottle visible). Put your fragrances on show if that’s how you roll. It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds, we swear! What we have here is essentially a tray, but on steroids. An antique mirror or picture frame works just as well as a perfume tray and may be found cheaply at a second-hand shop.

Perfume may be displayed simply and elegantly on a tiny, tiered spice rack. Having shelves allows you to make better use of vertical space when dealing with a limited quantity of counter or vanity space.

Fascinated by do-it-yourself storage solutions? Remember, there’s more where they came from! Makeup brush holders are a great place to start if you’re looking to upgrade your cosmetics storage.

A Fragrances Collection in Disarray? Here Are Three Solutions

If you have a large collection of perfumes, it’s helpful to organise them into distinct groups, regardless of the containers they come in or where you want to display the bottles. That way, whenever the mood strikes, you may quickly and easily get the desired scent.

  • One Way to Sort Your Cologne Collection by Color

Organizing your fragrances by colour is a visually pleasing option. Easy! Just sort your bottles into piles according to their dominant hue: all the reds and pinks together, all the clears and whites together, all the greens and blues together, and so on. If you have a patterned perfume bottle, choose the predominant hue from the pattern. Putting this storage solution on display, like a perfume tray or bookcase, is just one more way in which it helps you. Small but annoying drawback is that you’ll need to be familiar with the hues of all the perfume bottles to choose the one you desire.

  • Grouping Items According to Their Size

Grouping or aligning your perfume bottles according to size is another aesthetically pleasing technique to preserve your collection. Plus, it’s a breeze to implement! The smaller bottles should be at one end of the line, while the larger ones should be spaced out evenly. It works well if you have a lengthy shelf on which to show off your perfume collection.

Due to the complexity of recognising individual fragrances, this approach is among the most difficult. If you organise your beauty supplies by smell, you may save time and effort in the morning and get ready to go quicker. In the daytime, for instance, a light flowery might be appropriate. Find a bottle from the vanilla and velvet selection for an evening out.

You can tell which group each scent belongs to by just taking a whiff: Which scent hits you first, or is the most potent? In your search for the perfect fragrance, keep an eye (or nose) out for these different types of perfume:

  • Floral: Top notes of your perfume should smell like one of the following to classify it as a flowery fragrance: Whether it’s roses, lilies, jasmine, or cherry blossoms, nothing beats the scent of a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. These perfumes are the most enticing and romantic ones, which is why they usually come in beautiful pink containers.
  • Do citrous fruits like lemon, lime, and grapefruit come to mind when you smell the fragrance’s top note? So, we may classify it as a citrous fruit. These perfumes, which are cheerful and invigorating, are ideal for daytime events like weddings, outdoor celebrations, and Sunday brunch. You may want to hold off on using citrus-inspired fragrances until June, when they’re more appropriately associated with the arrival of summer.
  • Perfumes that include notes of woodsy plants, such as vetiver, sandalwood, and oak, are classified as woody. The earthy, mossy undertones of these perfumes make them ideal for the cooler months or a romantic candlelit meal.
  • Fragrances that are classified as “leather” evoke sensations akin to putting on a brand-new leather coat or pair of boots. Velvety smoke and musk are the closest it gets to the woodsy category. Aromatic juniper and sweet vanilla are two more possible additions to the group’s warm profile. Yum!
  • Fragrances of perfume shelves in the oriental style tend to have comforting notes like vanilla and amber. Fragrances in this category are frequently regarded as the most luxurious because of their exotic undertones of spices and flowers.

Here Are Some Best Perfume Oraganizers For Your Perfume Collection

1. AOOU Cabinet Organizer

1. AOOU Cabinet Organizer

It has a lock so that your expensive fragrances may be safely stored away from light and moisture. You may use it at any time of day or night thanks to the built-in LED light. It’s compact, quick to put together, impervious to water, and magnetic, so your beautiful perfumes won’t go to waste while you travel. This mirror cologme organizer armoire gives the impression of a frameless dressing mirror and would look great in any bedroom.

Features and Benefits:

  • The size is 14.6 inches wide by 47.3 inches tall.
  • Massive storage space with two drawers, five shelves, and thirty-six hooks
  • There are six LEDs inside (uses AAA batteries)
  • The ability to be mounted on the wall
  • Features that keep water out, magnets, locks, and portability
  • Material: Glass and engineered wood
  • Space-saving (due to being mounted against the wall)
  • The colours available are brown and white.
  • After 2,067 customer evaluations, we averaged a 4.7-star rating.


  • Changing the height of the shelves is not an option.
  • A modest beauty collection would appear out of place.

2. 360 Degree Rotating Organiser

2. 360 Degree Rotating Organiser

Rotating it makes it convenient to place it in the dressing room next to your mirror. It looks and feels expensive, but it’s really quite well made. You won’t stack heavy bottles on one end and leave the other end empty, of course. That’s why revolving racks are so useful. All of the surfaces are available for your usage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Physical Specifications: 10″ Wide x 11.42″ Tall
  • 7 fully-adjustable trays (up to 11 inches in height) provide a surprising amount of storage space.
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Effortless rotation in all directions
  • Transparent, long-lasting acrylic is the material.
  • Space-saving (multiple levels rotate to prevent the need to move it)
  • As of this writing, 2,467 reviews show an average 4.6-star rating.


  • It works well for perfumes aimed at women but poorly for those aimed at males.
  • It needs a medium to huge perfume collection (unless you have other cosmetics) (unless you have other cosmetics)

3. Zosenley Two-Tier Tray

perfume organizers

The Zosenley Two-Tier Tray is a lovely showcase for your perfume collection, with its marble surfaces and gilded accents. This mirror frame is beautiful and functional in its understated form.

The vanity has a beautiful, refined appearance, and it can be taken apart easily. The two levels may be placed on top of each other or side by side. It’s prettier stacked, but you may also use the trays individually if you don’t want to place a tall bottle of perfume holderon the top one.

Features and Benefits:

  • Medium capacity for modest collections; 10.2″ wide x 12.2″ high dimensions
  • The nonslip and stable ball bottoms provide a safe and stable experience.
  • Interlocking baskets make assembly a breeze.
  • Stable and impervious to water
  • Construction: metal and heat-treated glass
  • Space-saving
  • In response to 21 customer reviews, this product has received 4.8 stars.


  • The space isn’t optimal for storing lots of fragrances.
  • When you drop a bottle on one of the tempered glass trays, you get the impression that it may shatter.

4. Hersoo’s Antique Rotating Vanity

4. Hersoo's Antique Rotating Vanity

Incorporating elements and designs from the past, Hersoo’s Antique Rotating Vanity is a sleek and modern take on the classic dressing table. It’s a contemporary take on a perfume holder, yet it has a retro vibe, so you might call it a contrasted perfume organiser or perfume stand.

Features and Benefits:

  • It has a rather substantial capacity considering its size (11.75′′ W x 15′′ H).
  • Turns a full circle without effort (no batteries required)
  • Made by hand using materials that are safe for human consumption, free of dust and condensation.
  • Harmless, thick glass of perfume tray that may help avoid accidents
  • Adjustable and versatile for use with a wide variety of cosmetics, including sprays and lotions
  • Available in a variety of metal finishes (trimmings around the glass)


  • A more compact rotation organiser exists.

5. JM Perfume Holder

5. JM Perfume Holder

In two ways, the JM Perfume Holder stands apart in best way to organize perfumes. Since the design is gender-agnostic and demurely elegant, it serves as an ideal platform for displaying scents for both men and women. Second, it’s a sealed container that prevents moisture and temperature fluctuations from damaging your fragrances. It has the appearance of a glass and wooden showcase.

It’s a perfect perfume organizer shelf for displaying on a wall as a floating shelf, and its extra height lets you cascade your fragrances without risk of losing sight of the rear row’s baubles.

Main Characteristics:

  • Dimensions of 9″ wide by 12.5′ high provide enough space for 10 to 12 standard wine bottles.
  • Fragrances are best stored under thick glass.
  • Completely sealed off from dust and debris while still being simple to clean and put together
  • Crystal-clear glass that may be stacked for convenient storage and organisation.
  • Space-saving
  • Components, real wood and glass


  • If you have beautifully decorated bottles, this one appears a bit bland.
  • If you want a fragrance from the bottom organiser, you’ll have to unstack them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Finest Cologne Rack or perfume organizer tray? Or how to display perfume?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. However, JM Perfume Holder is the best

How to organize perfumes?

Perfumes thrive in cool, dry environments, so there’s no need to keep them hidden. Even if you keep your fragrances in a dark, cool place, away from any windows or sunlight, they will keep their original quality and longevity if you use a perfume organiser. It’s possible for them to start smelling terribly if exposed to too much light or moisture.

Shaking perfume before spraying: yes or no?

Sorry, but I have to say NO. Perfume’s scent is altered when the ingredients are broken down by the kinetic energy and heat generated by shaking the bottle. A perfume holder prevents your expensive scents from being jostled about in your dark, musty closet. If you’ve already shaken the perfume, let it three days to settle.

Where to store perfume in the bedroom?

You can store it on the dressing table shelf.

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