The 6 Best Coach Poppy Perfumes For You To Slay Any Event


This piece is dedicated to a brand like Coach, which since 1941 has known what it was like to fill the perfumeries of New York City and subsequently the rest of the globe in the same manner.

Sweet, fruity, sensual, woody, or any other kind of scent, a perfume may improve your mood. However, the scent that makes a statement is what people are looking for. The greatest coach poppy perfume for women is one that makes you feel energized, uplifts your attitude and confidence, and refreshes your spirit. While it isn’t overpowering, you can still detect the distinct aroma of each note.

All of its ingredients and perfumers are individuals that choose quality above quantity, and that is why they create highly unique and slender fragrances that may satisfy ladies with more demanding preferences. This brand has been distinguished by this.

This list of the 6 Best Coach Perfumes for Women is evidence that a company like Coach has a lot to offer and can really elevate your sense of style.


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2. Coach Poppy Blossom Coach For WomenCHECK PRICE
3. Coach POPPY Eau De ParfumCHECK PRICE
4. Coach Signature Eau De ParfumCHECK PRICE
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Here Are The Best Coach Poppy Perfumes From The Brand

1. Coach Poppy Flower 3.4oz Women’s Eau De Parfum

Coach Poppy Flower 3.4oz Women's Eau De Parfum

Coach Poppy’s romantic side is captured in Poppy Flower, a blend of colourful fruits and delicate flowers. An airy, cheerful scent is created by combining the delicate floral notes of water lily and jasmine with citrus, lychee, and cassis.

Briefing of the fragrance: The packaging for Coach Poppy’s perfume is bright, preppy, and full of personality. ‘Coach Poppy,’ a cartoon character with a red backdrop, is embossed all over the box. The box has yellow hearts and has a young feel to it, thanks to the whimsical illustrations. Coach’s ‘budget friendly’ scent certainly appeals to a younger demographic.

The Eau de parfum version of Coach’s signature aroma is a soft, flowery scent for women. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world simply by taking a sniff. The pineapple note is one of the most appealing aspects of the fragrance.


  • A long-term solution
  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Perfume with a delicate scent.
  • Suitable for daily usage.


  • Not recommended for social gatherings of any kind.

Scent type: Floral, fruity fragrance

Top Notes: grapefruit, wet ivy, Lychee and mandarin

Heart Notes: of jasmine petals, water lily, rose, peony and raspberry.

Base Notes:musk, sandalwood, Amber and creamy apricot skin.

Volume : 100 ml

2. Coach Poppy Blossom Coach For Women

coach poppy perfume

When it comes to the first notes of Coach’s Poppy Blossom perfume: Mandarin, strawberry lychee. Muguet, centifolia rose, tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia form the centre of the bouquet. Praline, vanilla, blond woods, and white musks combine in the scent’s sweet and savoury dry-down.

Briefing of the fragrance: It is the Limited-edition fruity floral perfume by Coach, Poppy Blossom. It has a cheery, pleasant, and sunny aroma that instantly makes you feel better. Fresh strawberries, freesia, and mandarin blossoms greet you at first whiff. It has a summery vibe about it, but I’d wear it all year round. When initially applied, the scent might be a touch harsh and overwhelming for individuals with sensitive noses.

Tones of rose, jasmine, and vanilla soften and round it out after it’s dry and absorbed into the skin. Late on, the fruit and flowery flavors recede, allowing vanilla, praline, and blonde woods to take center stage.


  • The delicious, sweet & fruity aroma is a fun & subtly sensuous blend that is sure to turn heads & liven the party.


  • Isn’t much long lasting

Scent type: Upbeat smell with a sense of fun and joy.

Key notes: Top Notes : Freesia, Lychee, ; Heart Notes : Jasmine, Rose, ; Base Notes : Vanilla, Praline

Volume: 50 ml

3. Coach POPPY Eau De Parfum

3. Coach POPPY Eau De Parfum

Are you in the holiday spirit? These wildflower poppy perfumes from Coach for ladies are a great way to show off your lively and flirtatious personality! Cucumber is one of Coach’s most popular notes, and it contributes a delightful combination of sweetness and freshness to this scent.

Briefing of the fragrance: There is an initial sweetness to the scent that fades into a watery finish. It’s a delicate scent with a distinct woody undertone. Because the Coach Poppy Women’s Perfume is so exotic, you’ll be in a euphoric mood all day long.


  • Notes of citrus and flowers blended together.
  • Lasts a while.
  • Affordable.
  • Good for everyday use.


  • Doesn’t have a distinct aroma.

Scent type: Poppy

Key notes: Top Notes: Cucumber Flower Heart Notes: Floral bouquet of jasmine and gardenia Dry Down Notes: Vanilla

Volume : 1 Oz


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4.Coach Signature Eau De Parfum

Coach Signature Eau De Parfum

All day long, people will be complimenting you on your choice of Coach Signature Perfume for Women. Orange flower, honey, and guava are among the sweeter floral notes found in this blend’s top notes. Perfume notes include mimosa, jasmine, violet, and oak, making it one of Coach’s best-known classic scents. For every event, the scent is well-balanced and has sugar-spun tones, making it ideal. This delightful fragrance will brighten your mood.

Briefing of the fragrance:

The flowery design of Coach Signature is lovely. Average lifespan and projections. It’s not excessively fruity or sugary. With a dash of honeysuckle, the blooms all come together beautifully. For late spring and early summer, it’s a wonderful scent. It’s a nice scent for what it is.


  • A honey-suckle scent that stands out.
  • It has a clean, fresh scent.
  • Easily lasts for a full 12 hours.
  • In contrast to the fluffy sweetness of the perfume, there is a woody aroma.


  • It has a strong aroma that some people don’t enjoy.

Scent type: Poppy

Key notes: Top notes are Guava, Water Lily, Violet and Green Mandarin; middle notes are Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Mimosa and Honey; base notes are Sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber and Cedar.

Volume : 1 oz

5. Coach Poppy Citrine Blossom 3.4fl.Oz Women’s

Coach Poppy Citrine Blossom 3.4fl.Oz Women's

Poppy Citrine Blossom is a sophisticated, vibrant perfume that embodies the effervescent energy of the Poppy lady. Sparkling Bergamot, Black Currant and Mandarin mix with Waterlily for a top note overflowing with freshness and purity. At its center, a bouquet of Jasmine, Violet, Tea Rose and Freesia combines with a gentle touch of Green Tea. A backdrop laden with creamy notes of Benzoin and Ambrette Seeds gives complexity to the warmth of Cedarwood.

Briefing of the fragrance: Poppy Citrine Blossom is a light and airy fragrance. Bergamot, mandarin, and black currant create an invigorating start. Water lilies, jasmine, tea roses, freesia, and violets are interlaced with green tea leaves in the composition’s floral core, which is further embellished with green tea leaves. It finishes with ambrette seed and musk scent that’s been warmed by benzoin in the base.

Key notes: Top notes are Bergamot, Mandarin Orange and Black Currant; middle notes are Green Tea, Water Lily, Freesia, Tea Rose, Violet and Jasmine; base notes are Cedar, Ambrette (Musk Mallow) and Benzoin.

Scent type:Citrus


  • It’s inoffensive, airy, light, perfect for beach weather summer weather spring weather etc


  • It’s quite lovely once it settles, but it disappears quickly

Volume : 3.4fl.oz

6. Coach Poppy Wildflower Eau De Parfum Spray

 Coach Poppy Wildflower Eau De Parfum Spray

Coach Poppy Wildflower Perfume by Coach, Coach Poppy Wildflower, launched in 2014, is a smooth and warm, earthy and floral perfume for women. This tantalizing fragrance opens with notes of sweetly spicy pink pepper, sweet freesia, fruity mandarin orange, and bergamot.

Briefing of the fragrance: Coach Poppy Wildflower floral rhapsody is enlivened by bright accords of lemon and mandarin in the top notes, which are joined with freesia and pink pepper. Floral notes of jasmine and lemony lily of the valley, softly sweetened with peach zest, are accentuated in the center by patchouli, cedar, and gentle vanilla, which lend depth and warmth to the base.

Eau de Parfum limited edition Poppy Wild Flower by Fragrance Coach is available in a flacon of the same shape as the previous edition with a crimson-colored flower.

Scent type: Poppy

Key notes: Top notes are Pink Pepper, Freesia, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot; middle notes are Peach, Jasmine Sambac and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are Vanilla, Cedar, Patchouli, iris and Violet.


  • Very delicate and tender, sweet floral scent.
  • Silage and longevity are both moderate, and if you find it on discount it is quite reasonably priced.


  • It lasts 2-3 hours and is completely gone.

Volume : 3.3oz


Before they are revered for their seductive abilities, perfumes are revered for their mystical and healing properties. More than 30,000 perfumes are now being produced across the world. As you can see, scents have long played an important part in human society and will do so in the future. Now that you’re well-versed in the history of perfume, you’re well-positioned to purchase a scent that will leave you speechless, such as one from Coach perfumes premium line of fragrances. Smells and aromas throughout the globe have seen an incredible transformation in the last several decades, and these perfumes are a perfect example of this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy coach poppy perfume?

You can buy from the links given in the article

Does the coach still make poppy perfume?

Yes, but it is difficult to find it online.

What does coach poppy perfume smell like?

The closest to the Coach Poppy fragrance that comes in a rollerball is the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball. The scent of poppy has quite a mysterious allure to it; filled with citrusy and slightly sweet notes including cocoa, cherry blossoms, and vanilla.