Bump Alert: Selena Gomez Shares Sweet Words as Ashley Benson Embarks on Motherhood Journey!

In a heartwarming Instagram Story post, Selena Gomez expressed joy over her friend Ashley Benson’s pregnancy, sharing a nostalgic throwback to their time on the set of Spring Breakers. This sentimental journey delves into the camaraderie captured in the throwback photo, exploring the shared memories of the 2012 crime thriller.

The Sentimental Throwback

The throwback photo, posted on Selena’s Instagram Story, showcases a moment of closeness between Gomez and Benson. Wearing bikini tops and vibrant shorts on the set of Spring Breakers, the image radiates warmth as Ashley rests her hand on Selena’s stomach.

The heartfelt caption, “My angel is having an angel. Congratulations @ashleybenson,” resonates with the joyful news.

Spring Breakers and Shared Memories

Spring Breakers, a 2012 crime thriller, features Benson and Gomez alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Korine. The film follows a group of best friends immersed in the Florida party scene, driven by financial struggles. The narrative takes a shocking turn when the girls encounter a criminal underworld, leading to unforeseen troubles.

Unpaid Passion Project: Selena’s Revelations

In a surprising revelation, Selena Gomez shares that Spring Breakers, a project she wasn’t paid for, remains one of her favorite experiences. Despite the lack of financial compensation, Gomez values the collaboration with Harmony Korine and the pride she takes in contributing to an exceptional film.

Box Office Success

Despite its modest $5 million budget, Spring Breakers grossed an impressive $30 million at the box office, highlighting its financial success and cultural impact.

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Ashley Benson’s Recent Milestones

The article further explores Ashley Benson’s recent milestones, including her marriage to oil heir Brandon Davis and the couple’s anticipation of their first child. Benson and Davis, engaged within a year of dating, contribute to the joyous atmosphere.

Selena’s Relationship Status

Additionally, Selena Gomez’s confirmation of her relationship with record producer Benny Blanco adds another layer of excitement. The casual to official progression reflects Selena’s contentment and enjoyment in her current life situation.