Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon’s Unlikely Friendship Revealed

In the glamorous world of Hollywood, where relationships can be as fleeting as fame itself, Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon have cultivated a friendship that goes beyond the glitz and glamour. At The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Women in Entertainment Gala, Washington, 46, revealed the roots of this extraordinary bond that began with a professional inquiry.

The Genesis of Friendship

Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon

Washington’s journey into the world of production prompted her to seek guidance from Witherspoon, her Little Fires Everywhere co-star. Intrigued by Witherspoon’s extensive experience with three production companies, Washington took the bold step of reaching out for advice. “I’m going to start my production company. Can you tell me about some pitfalls to avoid?” she asked. Witherspoon’s surprise at the unprecedented request laid the foundation for a friendship that transcends the conventional norms of Hollywood camaraderie.

Mentorship Beyond Boundaries

As the two women navigated the intricate landscape of the entertainment industry, their relationship evolved into a mentorship that proved vital for Washington’s burgeoning career. Washington emphasized the significance of mentors, whether peers or elders, and the mutual rewards of sharing wisdom. This mentorship, she explained, could take formal or casual forms, bridging the gap between generations in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.

Family as Mentors

For Washington, the mentorship journey extends beyond the Hollywood horizon. Her daughters, Isabelle and Caleb, aged 9 and 7, play a pivotal role in guiding her with their “intuitive strength and insight.” The actress acknowledges the reciprocal nature of mentorship, learning from her children as much as she imparts wisdom.

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Simpson Street Productions and On-Screen Laughter

In 2016, Kerry Washington launched her production company, Simpson Street, setting the stage for her collaboration with Witherspoon four years later in Little Fires Everywhere. The on- and off-screen friendship between the two actresses has not only weathered the demands of Hollywood but has also been marked by moments of genuine support and laughter.

A Hilarious Bond of Support

One notable instance of their camaraderie includes Washington’s playful recreation of Witherspoon’s Legally Blonde Harvard admissions tape. This light-hearted gesture, in celebration of Witherspoon’s 46th birthday, showcased the genuine and humorous side of their friendship, endearing them to fans worldwide.