IHMS Chair: Benefits ,Features, PROs & CONS, How to Use

The IHMS chair stands out as a cutting-edge ergonomic office chair, integrating state-of-the-art technology for personalized comfort and support. Its auto-adaptive features intuitively respond to the user’s body, posture, and movements, fostering not only healthy sitting but also heightened productivity.

This comprehensive guide delves into every aspect of the IHMS chair – covering its design, functionalities, proper setup, usage guidelines, and maintenance. Additionally, we will conduct a comparative analysis, pitting the IHMS chair against other leading ergonomic chairs in the market. Armed with this information, you can make an informed decision on whether the innovative IHMS chair aligns with your specific office seating requirements.

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Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

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What is the IHMS Chair?

Dr. Hamburger Ko, a renowned researcher at the University Institute of Ergonomics in Germany, spearheaded the creation of the Intelligent Human-Machine System, abbreviated as the IHMS chair. Leveraging his profound expertise in workplace ergonomics and human-centered design, Dr. Ko aimed to craft a new era of intelligent adaptive seating. After an extensive five-year development phase, the IHMS chair made its debut in 2018, introducing a series of patented innovations that distinguish it from all other office chairs.

At its essence, the IHMS chair incorporates sensors, motors, and artificial intelligence to automatically adapt to the user’s body measurements, posture, and real-time position. The chair undergoes self-optimization, delivering tailored lumbar support, harmonizing weight distribution, and aligning with the user’s spine curvature. This results in personalized comfort, alleviating pressure points and minimizing muscular fatigue. Furthermore, the IHMS chair integrates with a mobile app, enabling users to manually adjust settings and monitor data related to their sitting habits’ quality and quantity.

In contrast to traditional ergonomic chairs with limited manual tweaks, the IHMS chair eliminates the guesswork in achieving optimal ergonomic support. Its intelligent adaptation ensures a perfect fit for users of varying body shapes and sizes, removing the necessity for intricate adjustments of levers and knobs. This accessibility makes the IHMS chair a viable choice for a more extensive user base than other ergonomic seating options.

Key Features and Capabilities

The IHMS chair encompasses a myriad of cutting-edge features, seamlessly integrating sensor technology, data processing, and motion control. Let’s delve into the pivotal components that underpin the chair’s intelligent adaptability:

  1. Anthropometric Sensors: High-precision pressure mapping sensors embedded in the seat and backrest capture essential anthropometric data points and pressure distribution across the user’s body. This data enables the IHMS chair to comprehend the user’s body dimensions, weight distribution, and sitting behavior.
  2. Auto-Posture Detection: Leveraging the anthropometric sensor data, sophisticated machine learning algorithms within the IHMS chair’s control unit can discern the user’s posture, including spine alignment, pelvic angle, and weight distribution. This capability allows the chair to identify both sound and poor postures.
  3. Auto-Adjustment Motors: Equipped with hundreds of micro-motors distributed throughout the seat and backrest, the IHMS chair autonomously adjusts lumbar support, flex zones, seat depth, armrests, and headrest to align with the user’s posture. For instance, the lumbar support dynamically reshapes to conform to the spine’s profile and counteract uneven weight distribution.
  4. Personalized Settings: Users have the flexibility to connect to the IHMS mobile app, providing manual override capabilities for auto-adjustments. This allows users to set personalized chair positions and preferences, with data syncing seamlessly across devices for tracking sitting habits over time.
  5. Intuitive User Interface: The IHMS chair features an intuitive manual control system through an integrated control pad. Additionally, users can employ voice commands for basic chair functions, courtesy of integration with smart home assistants.
  6. Ergonomic Design: Rooted in the chair’s intelligent features is an ergonomic form factor meticulously crafted by researchers and physiotherapists, ensuring all-day comfort. The sculpted backrest, breathable upholstery, and flex zones collectively facilitate dynamic movement.

These distinctive features position the IHMS chair as an intelligent companion, providing robust support to the user’s body. In the subsequent section, we will explore the advantages it brings to posture, health, and overall comfort during extended periods of sitting.

Key Benefits of the IHMS Chair

ihms chair

Customized Comfort and Support

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, the IHMS chair excels in providing customized lumbar support, balanced weight displacement, and a spine-friendly sitting experience, reducing pressure points and muscular fatigue.

Promotion of Healthy Sitting

Discover how the IHMS chair actively promotes healthy sitting habits, contributing to improved posture and overall well-being.

Impact on Productivity

Explore the ways in which the IHMS chair positively influences productivity through enhanced comfort and focus during extended work hours.

IHMS Chair vs. Traditional Ergonomic Chairs

Automated Adjustments vs. Manual Tweaking

Uncover the convenience of the IHMS chair’s automated adjustments, eliminating the need for intricate manual tweaking found in traditional ergonomic chairs.

Accessibility for a Broader User Range

Learn how the IHMS chair caters to users of all body shapes and sizes, making ergonomic seating accessible to a broader audience.

Maintenance Tips for Prolonged Durability

Cleaning and Care

Explore easy-to-follow maintenance tips to ensure the IHMS chair remains in pristine condition for prolonged durability.

Software Updates for Enhanced Performance

Understand the significance of regular software updates in maintaining the IHMS chair’s peak performance and security.

Pros and Cons of the IHMS Chair


  • Dynamically adjusts to diverse body types in real-time for comprehensive ergonomic comfort.
  • Substantially minimizes the likelihood of seated injuries such as back pain.
  • Guides users gradually to maintain correct posture during prolonged sitting.
  • Offers a highly customizable fit surpassing the flexibility of manual adjustment chairs.P


  • Premium features are accompanied by a relatively elevated price tag.
  • A slight learning curve is needed to acclimate to the auto-adjustment functions.
  • Technical maintenance is essential for the electronics and integrated batteries.

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ihms chair
Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Ergonomic, Adjustable, Intelligent, Stylish

How to Use IHMS Chair

Understanding the Basics

1. Unboxing and Assembly

Discover a hassle-free unboxing experience and straightforward assembly instructions to get your IHMS chair up and running in no time.

2. Familiarizing Yourself with Controls

Master the intuitive controls of the IHMS chair, from adjusting lumbar support to customizing flex zones, armrests, and headrest for your ultimate comfort.

Getting Personal: Customizing Your IHMS Experience

3. Utilizing Anthropometric Sensors

Explore how the IHMS chair utilizes high-precision pressure mapping sensors to understand your body dimensions, weight distribution, and sitting behavior.

4. Auto-Posture Detection

Learn about the advanced machine learning algorithms that allow the chair to determine your posture, promoting spine alignment and even weight distribution.

5. Auto-Adjustment Motors

Discover the hundreds of micro-motors that seamlessly auto-adjust lumbar support, flex zones, seat depth, armrests, and headrest to match your posture dynamically.