Floral Collection Of 10 Best Guess Perfumes

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“Guess” the name of this brand has several secrets to guess, so it’s easy to know that the perfumes of this brand are going to be full of secrets, which is going to impress by their floral fragrances. Selecting your favorite or suitable perfume is an important thing as it plays an important role in your personality, so it’s very important to choose the branded perfume once to use it on every occasion you want. The fragrance you choose makes your personality unique and forces people to recognize you by your smell, so being little caring about your perfume is worth the most.

“Guess”, it’s an American fashion brand, as there are many fashion brands in America that bring amazing collections of perfumes and it’s obvious that perfumes of American brands are going to be very impressive and unique and if talking about the Guess cologne it’s the America’s top branded perfume company which is created by the 4 business tycoon brothers Georges, Paul, Armand, and Maurice Marciano. These four brothers moved to California to establish their business in 1977 with the money provided by their family who owned Jordache Jeans which was the top brand of Jeans at the time, this was the start of their creators.

After getting their business well settled in California, they introduced the most captivating product just at the right time, and after getting success in California, the brand is introduced into the biggest market of America through Bloomingdales which is the American retailer. This brand added many fashion accessories to its collection which became successful each time and thus success led to the creation of the new fashion accessory that’s Guess Fragrances.

The introduction of the first Guess fragranceOriginal” was in the year the late 1980s which was through the partnership with Revlon after the successful entry of this fantastic Guess scent Parlux held the license of fragrance for guess from 2003 until 2009 and then Guess began to manufacture fragrances for both men and women in union with the Coty.

The designer collection of Guess has 39 perfumes in their fragrance base in which the earliest edition was created in 1990 and the newest is from 2022. From which we are going to look up the 10 best Guess cologne.


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10 Best Guess Perfume For You

1. GUESS Women’s 1981 Eau De Toilette

guess perfume

This is the sexy, playful, and adventurous cologne of Guess which was founded in the year 1981, and today it’s a top leading perfume brand. This perfume gives you the feel of the free spiritual life with simplicity, elegance, and nostalgia for the glamourous culture of the Mediterranean. Being the face of the Guess or Guess girl is the dream of every actress and model.

It is formulated for the customers with top notes of Ambrette seed (violet), heart notes of violet pear, jasmine petals, sandalwood, and the base notes of cedarwood, musk, and amber.


Brand.                           Guess

Form.                             Spray

Volume.                          100 Ml

2. Guess By Marciano by Guess for Men Eau De Toilette Spray

Guess By Marciano by Guess for Men Eau De Toilette Spray

This is the best and most unique Guess perfume for men launched by Marciano by Guess, it is the form of the traditional masculine perfume with top notes of ginger, mandarin, and the ice tonic freshness is highlighted with freshly crushed black pepper.

Volume.                             100 Ml

3. Guess Seductive Homme Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Guess Seductive Homme Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

This is the perfect brand new expression of masculinity for the men having a perfect balance of smoothness and striking aroma which embodies the modern male to the new dashing handsome and charming impression. It Is one of the best guess men’s cologne for their perfect masculinity.


Fragrance           Oriental woody


Brand.                  Guess

Form.                  Liquid

4. Guess Seductive Men Edt Spray

 Guess Seductive Men Edt Spray

It is a fantastic perfume series which is elegantly launched by the design house Guess. Guess perfume has the specialty of creation which makes it unique and attractive and this attraction goes on increasing. This is having the special Oriental woody aroma with a mashup of cardamom milk, mandarin pulp, pink pepper, vanilla orchid, violet leaves, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, and musk. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Brand.                           Guess

Form.                              Liquid

Volume.                           100 Ml

Ratings.                           4.5


5. Guess by Marciano 3.4 oz 100 Ml EDP Spray For Women

 Guess by Marciano 3.4 oz 100 Ml EDP Spray For Women

It’s a super glamorous guess perfume for her. This Guess women’s perfume enhances the beauty of the women and gives a smooth finishing to make-up. It serves us with the notes of star fruit, Curacao orange, liquor, sparkling grapefruit, and cardamom and middle notes of the floral rhythm of peony, pink honeysuckle, and jasmine and base notes of powdery vanilla, musk, and woody accords.

Volume.                          100 Ml

Ratings.                          4.6


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6. Guess Dare Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

Guess Dare Eau De Toilette Spray for Women

It’s the recently launched new perfume edition for women which is free to express feelings like confidence, and excitement which provides support to be passionate. It is the Guess perfume for women which attracts the attention with its fragrance and also its transparent look which comes in the glass bottle of the sexy Guess design house.

Fragrance notes

Top notes: crisp Kumquat, Pear blossom, lime flower.

Heart notes Living Palm Springs, Cactus flower, Jasmine, wild rose,

Base notes Blonde woods, Coconut Palm, musk.

Volume.                        100 Ml

Speciality.                     Women

Ratings                          4.2

7. Guess 1981, Los Angeles

Guess 1981, Los Angeles

This is the amazing and magical new edition which is not launched according to its name but it’s the product of 2019 creatively created by the most eligible and popular perfumer Christine Hassan with the blending of the fruit and spice together with the top notes of plum, bergamot, and black pepper and this perfume is blessed with the heart of the warmness with notes of geranium, mint and ginger.

Speciality.                 Women

Form.                        Spray

Volume.                     100ml

Character.              Travel size

Ratings.                 4.4

8. Guess Seductive Noir 2.5 oz EDT Spray

 Guess Seductive Noir 2.5 oz EDT Spray

It’s the most demanded and loved by the customers as it’s the new launch of the Guess perfumes. This charming and bright floral perfume which is especially for women has an amazing perfume range of jasmine, vanilla, vanilla, and bergamot. It’s the sensual and spiritual feeling of using this super refreshing perfume and it is also good to express the iconic fashion brand with a modern look.


Volume.                      75ml

Brand.                       Guess

Fragrance.              Fresh

Model name.         Home Noir

Ratings.                 4.6

9. Guess Girl Eau De Toilette Spray For Women

Guess Girl Eau De Toilette Spray For Women

Make yourself free from every alliance which stood you from being you and living in a way you want by getting closer with this new amazing Guess perfume edition for women. Just take a few sprays of the Guess Girl Belle. It’s the smooth, floral and warm perfume from the designer house the Guess. This gives your personality a new look and confidence of “be yourself world will adjust “. This is the new range of perfume created in 2013 which reveals the top notes of the powdery aroma and little things of musk. It is having the fruity high notes of the balanced tone and perfect consistency which is very very captivating.

Speciality.                 Women

Volume                     100 Ml

Ratings.                      4.6

10.  Guess, Fragrance Bells Vita Eau De Parfum Edp Spray Perfume For Women

 Guess, Fragrance Bells Vita Eau De Parfum Edp Spray Perfume For Women

Introducing you with the floral fresh luxurious and cool fresh perfume of the design house of the guess with special arms which gives you the unique feeling of the freshness of heaven with rich refreshment. It inspires feminine power and increases her confidence level with its strong aroma. It is the special inspiration of Southern California and the Mediterranean. It embraced the joy of women living with an amazing scent if it blended notes.

Fragrance notes:

Top notes – Italian lemon, Juicy classic, Black cherries

Middle notes – jasmine tuberose, vanilla orchid

Base notes.-   Amberwood, Tonka Bean, Praline, and fluffy musks.

Details :

Volume.                      250ml

Fragrance.               Jasmine, tuberose,

                                  Cassis, Bergamot

                                   Black cherry

Brand.                          Guess

Form.                            Spray


In this trendy fashionable world, you always need to choose the best which makes your personality stand out unique and elegant. Fashion brands like Guess Perfume help you to smell refreshing and confident with their amazing perfume range. So without making your work more complex just go and get your fit to bright and shine in the glamour world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Guess cologne?

No need to overthink about where to buy as we know about the hometown of this design house consisting of the infinite range of Guess cologne that attracts your attention in the boutique in California. And if it’s not possible to get a direct form from the designing house you have the easiest and direct option to buy from the buying links given below the perfumes.

What does Guess seductive smell like?

Guess seductive smells fresh and floral with notes of pear, bergamot, black currant, middle notes of Jasmine, African orange flower base notes of vanilla, cashmere, wood and olibanum.

Is Guess perfume good?

It’s having only one answer that it’s not just good but is one of the most elegant and best editions of the perfume in the world.

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