Everything You Should Know About Perfumes

Perfume comes from the Latin word “Perfumare”, which means “to smoke through” .It is usually a liquid product which is a mixture of aroma compounds, solvents, and fixatives that are used to give a pleasant smell to humans, animals, or any other living or non-living things. In the past archeologists research show that there is the use of perfume in the old civilizations of the world. In the south asian region means Indian area perfumes are present and developed in the indus Valley Civilization.

Origin of Perfume

origin of perfume
history of perfumes

According to the ancient history, Egyptians were the ones who invented the perfume. Egyptians used perfumes for various purposes. Later, the Romans, Germans got acquainted with it and in 1190, Paris started making perfumes on a large scale for commercial purposes.

There is a story behind the origin of perfume, and it is all about the flowers that perfume is made from. The story goes that in the early times, men used flowers to give sense to their loved ones. They even married women whose fathers used to make perfume for them! With time however, with the industrial revolution and the discovery of perfume plants as well as their fragrances, it became more popular for women to make perfume on their own.

According to the ancient records, the perfume actually began as an attempt to honor the gods. It represents inviolable and sacred, which means only average people can use it. Only Roman women enjoy using it, because it represents luxury, which is considered to be masculine, and therefore, inviolable. In the perfume courts, people would try to outdo each other in terms of making the most complex and expensive perfume.

Later on, during the middle Ages, it was common for women from the upper class to wear these heavenly scents on a regular basis, not only to please their husbands or partners, but also to defend themselves from any bad fortune that may come their way. This was considered necessary, especially since perfume was thought to ward off evil spirits. As the years went by, it became even more popular and acceptable for women from the middle class to enjoy wearing scents. They would even go as far as hiring professional perfume makers to create unique and exotic aromas for them to enjoy.

How Perfume is made?

Making a sweet smelling perfume takes a lot of work and time, just like wine. It includes collecting the ingredients, extraction, blending, aging, and many more steps.

  1. Extraction: – To make perfume from natural ingredients, one has to extract the oil. The extraction of the oil can be done in several ways: – 
  2. Solvent Extraction: – In this method, the plants are put in a large drum. The plants are properly wrapped with benzene, and the drum is rotated. Gradually, the parts of the plant get dissolved and a waxy substance is left. The waxy substance is placed in ethyl alcohol, and the oil gets dissolved in the ethyl alcohol. Later, it is burnt which leaves the perfume oil.
  3. Enfleurage: – In this process, the plants are spread over a large glass sheet that is coated with grease. The glass sheets are placed in tiers, and the flowers are moved manually until all the fragrance is absorbed by the grease.
  4. Expression: – Expression, is the oldest and the simplest form of extraction, in which the plant is pressed either by hand or by machine until all the oil is extracted.
  5. Maceration: – Maceration process is similar to enfleurage, but in this case fats (warmed) are used instead of grease. The fats are dissolved in alcohol to obtain the oil.
  • Blending: – After gathering all the ingredients and extracting the oil, it is necessary to blend all the ingredients. It is blended according to the formula given in the fragrance industry. Perfume ingredients come from plants and animals. Animal ingredients are commonly used as fixatives. Fixatives enable the perfume to evaporate at a slow rate and helps to emit an odor for a longer duration. 
  • Aging: – To make premium quality and pure perfumes, the scent after getting blended is left foraging for months and sometimes even for years. This ensures that the perfume has been properly blended and a proper sweet scent is created.
  • Quality Control: – It is very important to ensure that the final product does not contain any hazardous ingredient which can ruin the brand’s reputation and deteriorate public health.

Types of Perfume and Perfume Strength

With so many types of perfume in the market, it becomes difficult to decide the perfume that best suits you. Different types of perfume come with different perfume strengths. Fragrance strength is the concentration of fragrance oil in a particular perfume. The more the concentration of the fragrance, the purer it is. They contain a high percentage of perfume oil and less alcohol, which makes them costlier.

perfume strength
  1. Parfum: – Parfum is also known as Pure Perfume or Extrait de Perfume, has the highest percentage of fragrance oil. It contains around 20% to 40% of fragrance oil which makes it last the longest on the skin. You can expect Parfum to last for at least eight hours.
  2. Eau de Parfum: – Eau de Parfum is one of the most commonly used perfumes which has a fragrance oil concentration of about 15%, with six hours of lasting. 
  3. Eau de Toilette: – A lot of Eau de Parfum perfumes are available as Eau de Toilette, making it cheaper. The fragrance oil concentration is about 5% to 15% and has four to five hours of lasting, and is popular in summer.
  4. Eau de Cologne: – It is one of the most popular types of perfume with a low fragrance oil concentration of about 3% to 5%, and lasts for about two to three hours. It is cheaper than other perfumes. 
  5. Eau Fraiche: – Eau Fraiche has a very low fragrance oil concentration of about 1% to 3% and lasts about two hours. It has a high concentration of water.

Fragrance wheel

Fragrance wheel is a tool that helps you decide the type of fragrance that best suits you.

fragrance wheel

The fragrance wheel has families and sub-groups. There are four families, and under each family are sub-groups: –

  1. Floral
  2. Oriental
  3. Woody
  4. Fresh

The sub-groups are: –

  1. Floral: – Fresh flowers like rose
  2. Soft Floral: – Aldehydes
  3. Floral Oriental: – Orange and sweet spices
  4. Soft Oriental: – Amber and incense
  5. Oriental: – Resins, vanilla
  6. Woody Oriental: – Sandalwood, cedarwood
  7. Woods main: – Aromatic woods
  8. Mossy woods: – Oakmoss
  9. Dry woods: – Leather
  10. Aromatic: – Lavender and herbs
  11. Citrus: – Lemon, cedar, etc
  12. Water: – Marine and aquatic notes
  13. Green: – Galbanum
  14. Fruity: – Berries and non-citrus fruits

Fragrance Notes

Fragrance notes are the different layers in a scent that makes up the final fragrance. It is divided into three layers: –

  1. Top Notes or opening notes are the first things you smell while trying a new scent. 
  2. Heart Notes or middle notes make about 40% to 80% of the final perfume. 
  3. Base Notes make up about 10% to 25% of the final fragrance and blend with the heart notes to provide a pleasant odor.

Perfume Flavors

Here is a list of the best perfume flavors that one can consider:-

1. Vanilla Perfumes CHECK PRICE
2. Marc Jacobs Daisy CHECK PRICE
3. Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum Spray for Women CHECK PRICE
4. Yves Saint Laurent Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, Black Opium CHECK PRICE
5. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Parfum Spray CHECK PRICE
6. Women’s Perfume, Fragrance by Paul Sebastian CHECK PRICE

What is the difference between Cologne and Perfume?

difference between cologne and perfume

Most people believe that the difference between cologne and perfume is gender. But that’s not true. The difference between cologne and perfume lies in the concentration of fragrance oil in both these scents.

It has high percentage of fragrance oil and low percentage of alcoholIt has low percentage of fragrance oil and high percentage of alcohol
Fragrance oil concentration is 20% to 40%.Fragrance oil concentration is 1% to 3%.
It lasts for about eight hours.It lasts for about two hours.

Body Spray Vs Perfume

body spray vs perfume

Body Spray is mainly made from water and alcohol, and contain only a small percentage of fragrance oil, and on the other hand perfumes are made up of high concentration of fragrance oil and contain only a small amount of water and alcohol.

Body Spray lasts shorter and is a light fragrance whereas perfumes last for a longer duration.

1. Kopari Aluminum Free Natural Deodorant CHECK PRICE
2. Old Spice Aluminum Free Deodorant CHECK PRICE
3. Native Deodorant  CHECK PRICE

How to choose a perfume?

As many brands have come up with different fragrances it is very difficult to choose the right one for your body type. So here are a few steps that would help you choose a lovely perfume that best suits you:-

  1. Decide your budget:- As, perfumes come in a wide range of prices and some are even sold in thousand dollars. So, deciding a budget would help you a lot.
  2. Concentration:- Choose the concentration of fragrance oil you need according to your requirement.
  3. Family: – Decide the family of perfume you need according to your comfort and taste.
  4. Test:- Always test the perfume before buying. You should look for a perfume with good silage. This refers to the aroma that’s created around you as you wear it.
Uses in Daily Life                        

Most of the people love to use cologne in their daily life to smell good and feel good. In the market many types of fantasy perfumes are available cheap and costly .When people ought to go to some occasions or party they used to smell good, they spray perfume in there body. I love to use perfume.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does Cologne Lasts?

Cologne has low fragrance oil concentration and thus lasts for about two to three hours, only. However you can find many classic long lasting perfumes in the market.

2. How to make Cologne last longer?

These are the few points to remember to make cologne last longer:-

  • Apply it after taking a shower.
  • Keep the perfume in a dry place.
  • Do not apply it over clothes.
3. How to store perfume?

The best place to store perfumes is in dry and dark place. Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight and bathroom.

4. How to apply solid perfume?
  • Open the box.
  • Swipe it. Do not dig.
  • Apply it in pulse points.
5. Why are colognes so expensive?

Colognes are made from rare flowers and plants that are difficult to obtain. Colognes are sold by luxury brands who charge more for the brand name. Many perfume addicts spend a hell lot of money to buy these expensive colognes.

6. Does Cologne Expire?

Yes, cologne do go bad. Their expiry date depends on their composition.

Thanks for Reading the Article I hope you all get the desired information of Perfume and its history from the article.

Please share this article with your family and friends so that they also know about the lovely perfumes.

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