Blueface’s Outrageous Claims: Did Cardi B’s Husband Cheat? The Truth Revealed!

In a Twitter frenzy on December 10, Blueface set social media ablaze with an explosive claim, alleging that Chrisean Rock engaged in a scandalous affair with Offset, Cardi B’s husband. The ensuing drama, filled with wild accusations and tattoo cover-ups, has captivated the online community.

Unraveling the Twitter Saga

Blueface, in a bold move on Twitter, accused Chrisean of intimate involvement with Offset, adding a sensational twist to the ongoing celebrity narrative. The rapper expressed frustration, emphasizing that being romantically inked on someone does not warrant public attention. The tweet ignited a feud that escalated quickly.

Chrisean swiftly retaliated, dismissing Blueface’s claims and counterattacking with allegations of her own. Accusing Blueface of attempting to interfere with NLE Choppa’s personal life, she created a Twitter storm. Denying any involvement with Offset, she labeled Blueface’s statements as fabricated, questioning his credibility.

Offset Intervenes to Clear the Air

Offset, alerted to the public spat, intervened to set the record straight. In a direct post aimed at Blueface, he vehemently denied any association with Chrisean. Expressing concern for Blueface’s mental state, Offset urged him to seek help. The rapper distanced himself from the controversy, emphasizing his commitment to a drama-free life.

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Meanwhile, NLE Choppa, entangled in the web of accusations, responded cryptically, leaving room for speculation about his role in the unfolding saga. His enigmatic post added another layer to the complex narrative, further fueling online discussions.

Tattoo Wars and Symbolic Transformations

Blueface’s scandalous claims coincided with Chrisean’s decision to cover up her Blueface neck tattoo with a rose. In an Instagram video, the transformation unfolded as Chrisean underwent the process. The large rose tattoo, covering most of her neck, symbolized a bold step in disassociating herself from Blueface’s influence.

The tattoo artist added a poignant touch by outlining Chrisean’s newborn son’s name, Chrisean Jesus Malone, Jr., on her chest. This symbolic act marked the beginning of a new chapter in Chrisean’s life, as she announced her intent to distance herself from the controversies surrounding Blueface.