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Versage stands at the front when we look for luxury and status. Its loyal customer base is
clear proof of it. This Italian fashion house has been a very popular denomination for its wide
range of cologne collections. This includes Versace cologne for men, women and is
nevertheless, available with unisex also.
By going through the article you will find some of the best Versace perfume for
. Below is a research-based list of it that would assist you to choose the most suitable


1. Versace Blue Jeans Cologne CHECK PRICE
2. Versace Dreamer Cologne CHECK PRICE
3. Versace Cologne Man Eau Fraiche CHECK PRICE
4. Versace L’Homme Cologne CHECK PRICE
5. Perfume Hombre Versace Pour Homme Versace EDT for men CHECK PRICE

5 Best Versace Perfumes For Men

1. Versace Blue Jeans Cologne

Versace perfume for men blue jeans

Specially formulated for men, blue jeans cologne has a fragrance of Aromatic Fougere. It
has got its origin in Italy. Since its first production in 1994, its mass production has

It reminds me of the fresh and moderate Spring Summer with the vibes of early falls.
Freshens the mood and is an excellent enthusiasm builder

It is precisely made to use in the daytime and fits best to formal wear.
It is specifically based on the lavender theme. Its compositions have got a hard seductive
scent sensation, enabling attraction. It is relatively aromatic and has a sophisticated scent.

Dominating the vibes of soft drinks, it starts with a very fresh floral feel and grabs its strong
masculine side.
It has moderate longevity and sillage is in between strong and moderate.

Top Notes have a citrus cocktail for the freshness, Galbanum, Be Juniper, Rosewood for
the fresh vibes and Bergamot for the cold seasonal feel.

Mid Notes comprises Lily of the valley Rose for its long-lasting floral aroma, Violet,
Juniper, Carnation, Fir, Nutmeg and ultimately Lavender and Jasmine extract based on its
theme composition.

Deep notes have Amber, Tonka bean, Sandalwood for the intense woody
fragrance, Vanilla, Vetiver, Musk with its powdery tone, Cedarwood and Iris.

2. Versace Dreamer Cologne For Men


Versace Dreamer cologne was first produced in 1996. Since then it has set an exemplary
standard of cologne for young men. It possesses a very unique and romantic scent. It has a very
bizarre powdery tobacco odour. Its fragrance is classified as Oriental Fougere.

It has a cool and frigid feel similar to the start of the spring season. Quite a cool winter
sensation and fragrance. Also, the falls are not to be ignored.
It somewhat feels sweet and the sensation is quite warm. The overall experience till the end
is aromatic so it can be considered as one of the best smelling versace cologne launched till date.

More inclined toward nightwear it’s formulated to use a bit during the daytime also. The night
to day ratio is 7:3.
A great value for money product. It is a unisex product but more inclined toward masculine
It has a moderate sillage. Longevity is quite more than an average (moderate) rating.

The first starting spray can be particularly cloying and weird when most people are
anticipating a rush of the mill men’s incense out of this cologne.

The theme has the main impact of Lavender with a combo of Juniper and Lily as top notes.
Mid notes consist of Geranium, Carnation and rose, where Tobacco presents its special
powdery effect.
Its deep notes include Fir and Vetiver where Cedar plays an important role.

3. Versace Cologne Man Eau Fraiche

Versace cologne man Eau Fraiche

Launched in 2006 has dominated the men’s cologne market till now. It has an aquatic woody
fragrance that is fabulous.

Spring is the season it’s suitable for and has the same elements to create such an aroma.
The Summer vibes are also not to be left.

Mainly based on the lemon theme it feels very elegant. The sensation is closely related to
attraction and excites a sexy attitude. It is also Charismatic.
The scent is a suitable choice for daytime uses.
I’ll rate its longevity a 6 out of 10. Sillage is quite below average but still considerable.
It has an average price rating.

Time to peek into its notes.
At the top notes, Carambola instantly comes to its role with the ancestral White Lemon and
the magnificent Rose Wood.

The mid notes have the unique composition of Cedar Leaves rises, featuring the energetic
notes of Tarragon and the masculinity of Clary Sage.

At the bottom the deep notes are an irresistible trail of Sycamore Wood, surrounding Amber
and sparkling Musk proposes magical and skin-deep feelings.


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3. Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche Eau de Toilette Spray for Men CHECK PRICE
4. Raw Chemistry Pheromone Cologne for Him CHECK PRICE
5. Paris Hilton Man by Paris Hilton CHECK PRICE

4. Versace L’Homme Cologne For Men

versace l'homme

This cologne has been in production as long as 1986, which proves it’s a long time love of
the people. It’s mainly classified as leather.
Apart from most of the perfumes, it chooses to have a cold and Frosty seasonal touch.

It’s very classic, having a bold and strong scent sensation. The quiet formal scent comes out
of it.
It has no limitation over when it can be used, good for both day and night.

It has a very long-lasting fragrance. I’ll rate its longevity a strong 8 out of 10. Nice for a long
time working hours.
Its sillage is fairly strong.
It has the old school vibes and however has one of the most complimented essences.

Its top notes include Lemon and bergamot for the cold seasonal sensation which gets
amazing with basil.

The deep notes with clean citrus notes provide direction to a strong but soft leather note with
an indication of florals as the woody composition of the fragrance comes into its own.

5. Perfume Hombre Versace Pour Homme Versace EDT for men

Perfume Hombre Versace Pour Homme Versace EDT for men

Versace Pour Homme, released in 2008 is comparatively newer in the market than most of
its competitors. Still, it’s very popular in men’s cologne. It comes under the category of

Seasonal vibes are of summer and spring. Warm and constantly moderate season sensation
you get with it.
Mainly based on a lemon theme it is characterised by the mineral-floral fragrance.

This versace fragrance is suggested to apply during the daytime.
It has moderate longevity which lasts for about 3-5 hours and the sillage is also quite
average. Quite a value for money product.

The top notes of Lemon, Bitter Orange leaves and Neroli flowers illuminate the aroma with
Mediterranean complexions.

The amazing mid notes that are the soul of this Cologne are characterised by the
mineral-floral fragrance, basically tactile, of Sage and Hyacinth.
It has an aquatic summer vacation vibe, kind of moving to homes from the school hostels.

The deep notes formulated by Amber and Musk are intense and attractive, with the
implication of pure manliness.


Versace has a wide variety of all types of scents for different notes and specific moods.
Consisting of huge season options for both men and women, it is almost perfect for different
Compared to the other varieties in the market Versace always stood apart with its collection of unique perfumes.
The above list is composed of some of the promising and most prominent Versace perfume for men
in the industry and fashion uptrends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Versace cologne smell like?

Versace cologne comes with fragrant ingredients that include citrus and sweet top notes with
an earthy aroma. Many of its products consist of the heart and base notes.
Additionally amber, vanilla and geranium play a crucial role to bring out the aroma.
Nevertheless, it includes many unusual notes such as tobacco and some flora which makes
it different from any other as well it doesn’t produce an irresistible aroma.

Which Versace cologne is the best?

It is quite difficult to name the best versace cologne for men as It has a massive range of cologne but based on popularity and most sold ones are listed below.

People have shown most of their love to these collections.
● Versace Man Eau Fraiche (most preferred while looking for some hard male
● Versace Pour Homme.
● Versace Eros.
One should give it a try to one of them.

What is the most popular men’s Versace cologne?

I’ve got a list of the three most prominent and best selling versace cologne for men.
Eau Fraiche
Great choice to spray on your summer wear. Only the Eau Fraiche can promise such a clean
and classic fragrance with such a low price range.
Pour Homme
Recommended for evening clothes. Perfectly suits for a late-night party with a unique exotic
Dylan Blue
Just too good for everyday use. Little citrus fruity fragrance that’s clean and soft. It is also one of the newest versace perfume launched this year.

How many sprays of cologne should you use?

It may vary from taste to taste. But it’s ideally suggested to spray 3-4 squirts. Anything more
than that would be irritating and overwhelming. If you go for less then the fragrance wears
It’s suggested to keep the bottle 4-6 inches away while spraying. Do not rub the cologne
over the skin

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