Nina Ricci Perfumes That You Will Love To Sprinkle !

A notable designer by the name of Nina Ricci is responsible for the creation of the Nina Ricci label. In spite of her Italian ancestry, she achieved fame in France. In 1932, Nina Ricci laid the foundation for her fashion business. As a result, the company can look back on a rich heritage of accomplishments.

Formerly, the founder and primary designer of the eponymous fashion brand was known by her full name, Maria Nina Ricci. But Roberto, her son, managed the company’s finances and oversaw daily operations. The corporation has forayed into the perfume industry not long after the first release. In 1946, it released its debut fragrance to the public under the name Coeur Joie.

This authentic Nina Ricci fragrance came in a heart-shaped crystal container that was exquisite in its design and craftsmanship. Lalique was motivated to make this piece by the perfume’s title (Coeur means heart in French).

Nina Ricci is a well-known designer house that has consistently released luxurious fragrances with a focus on femininity and subtlety. They travel the world in search of satisfied customers.

Puig acquired the Nina Ricci fragrance brand in 1998. This business still designs and markets fragrances and apparel for both sexes. Romano, Nina’s great-grandson, continues the family business by making fragrances under the label “Juliette Has a Gun.”



Nina Ricci L’Extase for Women

rose, white flowers, jasmine
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Love In Paris By Nina Ricci For Women

sweetness, freshness, and powderiness
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  • Nina Ricci Luna L Eau de Toilette

    • mysterious and alluring
  • Ricci Ricci By Nina Ricci Eau De Parfum Spray

    • sensual, and appealing

Let’s See Our Collection Of Nina Ricci Perfumes

1. Nina By Nina Ricci For Women 

1. Nina By Nina Ricci For Women 

This delicious fragrance was designed to inspire love in 2006. It is a member of the Floral-Fruity fragrance family, popular among female consumers, and has notes of citrus, sweetness, freshness, fruitiness, and greenery. Its crimson apple-shaped bottle with a golden stem is both beautiful and inviting.

With top notes of Amalfi lemon and lime, which transports us to the citrus-filled streets of southern Naples, Italy; some middle notes of apple, granny smith, and peony, which adds a touch of distant and floral sweetness; and praline and datura, which provide the fragrance’s final thrust, all while passing through the warm and unmistakable scent of its notes of the apple tree, musk, and Virginia cedar.

This fragrance has a light trail and moderate duration, making it appropriate for daytime use throughout the spring and summer months. Women of today, whether young and old, who value their femininity, love this scent for its explosive blend of citrus and flowers.

2. Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Perfume for Women

2. Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps Perfume for Women

In 2011, the world was introduced to this magnificent Floral olfactory family scent for ladies. Key chords include a medley of white floral, powdery, fruity, and woody undertones that are sure to stick with you. Its flowery pink liquid instantly takes us to spring, and its container is a stunning design of a ribbed and translucent bottle with two doves on its cap, a symbol of serenity and everlasting youth and a signature of this prestigious company.

This perfume transforms into a floral and refreshing field with its top notes of jasmine, honeysuckle (white blossoms), violet, and magnolia, and its centre notes of freesia and rose. In addition to making you the centre of attention everywhere you go, the blend of rosewood, oak, and patchouli in its base notes will whisk you away to a paradisiacal realm right here on Earth.

As a result of its mild trail and persistence, this sweet and powdery scent of nina ricci fragrance is best worn throughout the day in warm climes and workplaces, and in private settings where its perfume is sure to be appreciated by sophisticated women with a penchant for the romantic.

3. Nina Les Delices by Nina Ricci for Women

3. Nina Les Delices by Nina Ricci for Women

This limited-edition spring scent is the epitome of dreaminess, joy, and exquisiteness. It had a beautiful bottle in a gradation of fuchsia and purple, and it was part of the Floral-Gourmand fragrance family, which is targeted for ladies born in 2015.

The golden top of this box is meant to represent a strong and sophisticated lady. The melodic foundation of “Sweet, Fruity, Citrus, Caramelized, and Green” evokes the kind of innocent fun that is so characteristic of fairy tales.

Top notes of lemon and mandarin create a tangy, fresh feeling; middle notes of strawberry, caramel, apple, and jasmine emit the familiar sweet caramel aroma of a lady in search of her plaything; base notes of praline, white musk, raspberry, and vanilla transform the girl into a sensual woman.

This scent appeals to young, sugary women who value sophistication yet appreciate the ease with which it may be mixed. With a modest length of route and a long life, it may be utilized throughout the spring and intermediate seasons.

4. Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Ricci Eau De Parfum Spray 

4. Nina Ricci Mademoiselle Ricci Eau De Parfum Spray 

Talking about this fragrance is like talking about the sophistication, gentleness, and delicacy of a completely feminine lady. It first appeared in 2012 in a transparent container with a magnificent bow-shaped top and a pink liquid whose hue is derived from the major chords of roses, musk, sweet, and woody notes.

Wild rose, pink pepper, and raspberry from the nina ricci fragrance’s top notes; their acidic and sensuous quality is enhanced by the oleander flower for an unrivalled delicacy; and don’t forget the rose’s soothing and mythological undertones thanks to its heart notes of dog rose and laurel. To fully immerse ourselves in the sensual world of animals, complete with the enticing scents of white wood, musk, amber, cedar, and violet.

Due to the richness of its composition, this playful scent has a trail that runs from mild to moderate and its duration, making it appropriate for use both throughout the day and at night, when you want to smell clean and bright without overpowering. It’s perfect for those times when you want to put your best seductive foot forward.



Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Exotic And Classy
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Pacifica Beauty, Island Vanilla Hair Perfume & Body Mist

Fruity with Creamy, Rich Vanilla
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5. Nina Ricci L’Extase for Women

Nina Ricci perfume

With notes of sweetness, fruit, caramel, roses, and amber, L’Extase, a magnificent creation by Nina Ricci with a cryptic name, has an amazing and intriguing scent. This perfume, categorized as a “Oriental-Floral” scent, was released in 2015 in a sleek, transparent bottle with a smoky finish and a luxurious golden cap. This item is intended for ladies whose sexuality and sensuality are immediately obvious.

It opens with a burst of pink pepper, peach, and pear; the heart notes of rose, white flowers, jasmine, and raspberry add a touch of femininity and innocence with nina ricci fragrance ; and the balsamic base notes of Siam benzoin, Virginia cedar, musk, amber, caramel, patchouli, and vanilla allow us to immerse ourselves in the inherently sensual desires that every human being shares.

It is best utilized in the fall and winter, both during the day and at night, because of its moderate-to-long-lasting track. Women who like letting themselves be engulfed by those exhilarating and unique moments before their loved one will appreciate this.

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6. Love In Paris By Nina Ricci For Women

6. Love In Paris By Nina Ricci For Women

This scent was made for busy days and those passionate Parisian evenings, marking the passage from luxury to love. It was released in 2004 by this company, and it has prominent notes of fruitiness, florality, sweetness, freshness, and powderiness in its chord progression. It comes in a sleek, clear container, and its contents are an explosive yellow elixir—just like the evenings that bring passion and promise.

Top notes of bergamot, rose, and peony give this floral fragrance for women the fresh, sophisticated aroma of those flowers; middle notes of apricot, violet, and jasmine whisk the wearer away to a world of romance; and the fragrance’s base notes of musk and woody notes pull her into a state of ambivalence that lasts long after she’s removed the perfume.

It goes without saying that this delicate scent is carried by refined, cultured, and scholarly ladies. Its pleasant trail and moderate duration make it appropriate for day or nighttime use in the spring and summer. Due to the fact that its aroma is so congruent, it compels us to surrender to the feeling of being surrounded by love.

7. Nina Ricci Luna L Eau de Toilette Spray

 Nina Ricci Luna L Eau de Toilette Spray

Inspired by the moon’s inherent air of mystery and romance, this exquisite fragrance was just introduced to the public in 2016. Main chords of sweetness, caramel, vanilla, fruit, and wood inspired its creation. The tasty contents are housed in a gorgeous blue bottle that conjures up images of the heavens, of freedom, and of a young and powerful lady.

With top notes of wild berries, orange flower, lime, and tangerine orange, this mysterious fragrance is a member of the Oriental-Vanilla olfactory family. To finish, notes of sandalwood, Madagascar vanilla, white musk, and licorice carry us to a night of woody confections so delicious that they can only be experienced under a lunatic’s spell: caramel, jasmine, pear, and immortelle.

This fragrance’s sweet and beautiful aroma of caramel and musk comes out strongly, making it a gentle feminine flirting; the scent’s trail and moderate duration also make it appropriate for wearing in the cooler fall and winter months, as well as in the latter afternoon and evening. If you’re looking for a fragrance that manages to be both mysterious and alluring, then go no farther than Luna by Nina Ricci fragrance for those cozy, never-ending evenings spent cuddled up with the one you love.

8. Ricci Ricci By Nina Ricci Eau De Parfum Spray

Nina Ricci fragrance

This luxurious fragrance for ladies was introduced in 2009, is classified as a member of the Cyprus- Floral olfactory family, and comes in eye-catching packaging. This perfume is more than just a superficial temptation; it comes in a gorgeous gradient purple bottle with a cap shaped like a lovely bow.

White flowers, patchouli, bittersweet, and balsamic are some of the major ingredients in this scent for flamboyant ladies. Bergamot and green rhubarb provide a zesty top note, while datura in the middle and the flowery freshness of tuberose and tincture of roses in the base create an indescribable hallucinogenic aroma. Finale notes of sandalwood, patchouli, wood, and moss provide depth to the smell without being overpowering.

It’s also appropriate for the cooler months, including fall and winter. Since it has a sweet and robust aroma, it may be used on days when you want to draw men’s attention and feel fun, sensual, and appealing.


These conscientious developers take an active role in the creation of colognes, providing feedback and sometimes even taking charge of the composition as it takes shape. For example, the great Nina Ricci has served as an inspiration to us because of the originality and high quality of her enticing fragrances.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is nina ricci perfume?

The range starts from 25$ and go on increasing.

Where can i buy nina ricci perfume?

You can buy NINA RICCI Women Perfumes from the latest collection of Perfumes on amazon.

Who sells nina ricci perfume?

The debut fragrance from Nina Ricci was created by Robert in 1945, Coeur Jolie (or ‘Beautiful Heart’).

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