The Sweet Smell In The Air That’s The Best Lychee Perfume!

Do you know the facts about some branded perfumes? Let me tell you, the designer brands which have included lychee in their cologne and made the fresh lychee perfume and made millions of people mad over it and this madness forced these brands to create the new lychee perfume formulae.

The Royalty Of Lychee

Lychee is mostly valued by the Chinese emperors as it’s having a beautiful, graceful sweetness in its smell and it got a place in the hearts of the Chinese people and came to be known for its royalty and love. There are several branded perfumes which include lychee in their perfume formula as the perfume without lychee is an incomplete fragrance formula and lychee scented perfume is one’s choice. Perfume with the lychee notes is the most demanded fragrance by the royal personalities, business tycoons and celebrities and following this millions of people have gone mad behind the perfume that smells like lychee. And in the market now there is all-over domination of the lychee scented perfume.


1. Lychee Rose Mistral For WomenCHECK PRICE
2. Vanilla Freesia Lychee Korres For WomenCHECK PRICE
3. Aromatic Blends: Orange Flower & Lychee Kiehl’sCHECK PRICE
4. Eau Rose Eau De Parfum Diptyque For WomenCHECK PRICE
5. Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau De ParfumCHECK PRICE


Features Of Lychee Perfume

  • The perfume having the notes of lychee makes you smell sweet and pleasant.
  • Perfume with lychee spreads sweetness in the air which makes everyone’s mood happy.
  • Fresh lychee perfume has happy vibes that make you feel unique among billions of people.
  • And the best thing is that the scent profile of lychee is similar to the juicy grape, elegantly rosy and mostly sweet, which makes people love the perfume.
  • Lychee has a unique flavour of sweetness that is described as a rose floral and fruity floral.
  • Lychee smelling perfumes are aqueous solutions with a natural touch and herbal quality.
  • Fresh lychee perfume as a mood enhancer: As usual one of the main things about wearing perfume is enhancing our mood, perfume helps to lift your spirit from inside of your deep mind and lychee smelling perfumes are the best as a mood enhancer. Lychee-smelling perfumes are full of sweetness that makes your mood happy all the time.

To make you full of happiness with the sweetness of lychee smelling perfumes we brought here an amazing collection of the best fresh lychee perfumes with the proper buying guide which will help you all the time to buy your best perfume with no difficulties.

10 Exotic Lychee Smelling Perfumes

1. Lychee Rose Mistral For Women

It’s an amazing perfume for the women filled in a beautiful perfume bottle made of glass and decorated as a gift pack. It is a beautiful and graceful gift for every woman, she may be a mother, wife, or sister. It plays an important role with its sweetness of lychee in women’s personalities to enhance their feminine confidence. It’s a fantastic blend of accords like rose, woody, floral, tropical, fresh and fruity and the main component is lychee that’s why it is sweet lychee smelling perfume for you.


Volume                            50 ML

Rating                               4.07

2. Vanilla Freesia Lychee Korres For Women

It’s full of seductive natural aroma with the amazing blend of vanilla with South African freesia and the main component is the sweet-smelling lychee that makes this perfume lychee-smelling perfume.

Top notes- Tea and bergamot

Middle notes- Lychee, freesia, peach, jasmine and sandalwood

Base notes- Vanilla, Patchouli and Musk.


Launched.                     2011

Perfumer.                      Korres

Speciality.                    Women’s

Volume.                        50 ML    

 Rating.                           4.15

3. Aromatic Blends: Orange Flower & Lychee Kiehl’s For Women And Men

It’s an amazing perfume with lychee for both women and men. It spreads the sweetness of the lychee around you which makes you attractive and unique. It is the best enhancer perfume with lychee notes. It’s a gorgeous floral fruity fresh lychee perfume for women and men. This perfume has dominated the market since 1851 having the best formulation of the sweetness of lychee.


Perfumer.                Kiehl’s  

Launched.                2012

Rating                     3.81

4. Eau Rose Eau De Parfum Diptyque For Women

It’s amazing lychee scented perfume for her with a floral juicy and fruity blend of lychee with black currant and many more it’s a most elegant and classy perfume for the modern working woman.

Top notes- bergamot, black currant, litchi

Middle notes-geranium rose and jasmine

Base notes- white honey, musk, Virginia cedar.


Launched.                 2012

  Size.                        3.4 Fl oz

Age range                     Adult

  Rating                          4.40

5. Fresh Sugar Lychee Eau De Parfum

It’s a sweet lychee perfume with sparkling, fresh citrus gourmand fragrance for both men and women. It’s lychee smelling perfume with sweetness and floral freshness of the lychee.

Top notes- grapefruit, lime blossom, Amalfi lemon

Middle notes- Fressia, lotus, lychee

Base notes- Amber, sandalwood and Tonka beans.


Launched.                     2007

 Form.                        Roll-on spray

Feature.                      Travel size

 Rating.                           4.02


1. Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum For WomenCHECK PRICE
2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette SprayCHECK PRICE
3. Vera Wang Princess Eau de Toilette Spray for WomenCHECK PRICE
4.Pure Instinct Roll-OnCHECK PRICE
5. Versace Bright Crystal By Gianni Versace For WomenCHECK PRICE

6. Acqua Colonia Lychee & White Mint

This one you should try once, try the freshness of mint with the pleasant sweetness of the lychee. You are gonna miss the chance of getting filled with uniqueness. It’s a fresh, sweet floral aromatic perfume for both men and women. This is the new fragrance with the amazing sweetness of lychee. It is the best fresh lychee perfume in the international markets.


Launched.                    2020

Volume.                        170 ML.  

Rating.                          .  3.74

7. Britney Spears Fantasy

It’s a lychee smelling perfume launched by the design house of Britney spears. The freshness and smell of this perfume get affected by some factors such as skin type like oily skin, dry skin, and soft skin. It’s a fantasy perfume with an attractive glass container of pink colour.


Launched.                         2005

Age range                       Adult

  Size.                            1.7 oz   

Rating                            3.92

8. Flowerparty By Yves Rocher

This is the amazing perfume that smells like lychee, it’s a new lychee formulation which has hit the international market. This is the cheerful, feminine perfume that has great demand in the market. It’s sparkling lychee smelling perfume.

Top notes- orange and mandarin

Middle notes- Lychee and raise tincture

Base notes-  Vanilla


Launched                   2010

Perfumer                 Philippe Romano

Rating                            3.39

9. Loud For Her By Tommy Hilfiger

It’s from a very long time in the market but most demanded till now. It’s a simply remixed blend of sweet lychee. It’s a rock and roll perfume especially for her with feminine confidence and beauty. Trying it once will be worth your beautiful experience by wearing this fresh lychee perfume.


Features.                  Travel size

Volume.                    40 ML

Ratings.                     4.5

10. Attrape – Reves by Louis Vuitton

It’s the best perfume for womens which is a lychee-smelling perfume. It’s a fresh lychee perfume which unfolds the top notes of lychee, ginger and bergamot; the middle notes of Cacao, Turkish rose and the base notes of patchouli. It’s a special women’s collection by the house of Louis Vuitton.


Perfumer.                 Jacques Cavallier

 Volume.                          200ml

 Rating.                              4.11


It’s the world of fashion and glamour to make your beauty and personality stand here. You have to look perfect as well as smell unique and good. If you think that it’s a dizzy work to do such things don’t worry it’s going to be very easy and exciting with us as we always bring the most popular brands with unique scents and today that we had looked out is the fresh lychee perfume that’s going to put five stars on your whole occasional look. So for getting your best-suited flavour of notes of scent you have to just make some research on the internet and there you will find lots of ways to get your perfect perfume with the unique smell that you always wish for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does lychee fruit smell like?

Lychee fruit smells delicately sweet and some amount rosy and juicy which makes the proper mashup with other notes of rose water.

What does lychee perfume smell like?

As lychee is famous for its sweet taste as well as the sweet smell, the dominant smell of lychee is sweet and it’s juicy like grape and has some soft smell like a delicate rose.It makes the perfect blend for the perfume.