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It’s my useful suggestion to all the fashion tycoons when it comes to your perfume you should be extra aware of the brand of the perfume which you want to spray on your skin, as for making you aware about the quality of perfumes and also to get closer to the best brand of the perfumes in the world, which makes you unique in the world of fashion.

As always but not the same we are here for you with a fantastic, glamourous perfume range that is having the amazing variation in flavor with the perfect blend of top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

Here we gonna talk about the best Charlotte Russe Perfumes in the market. This branded collection house of Charlotte Russe was founded by Daniel Lawrence, he opened his first boutique in the year 1975 in the city of Carlsbad, California. At the start of this fashion boutique, it was wholly devoted to selling fashionable and quality clothes for women of the age range 12 to 35 years. Now it comes to a question “From where does he give such a unique name to this brand?” Don’t need to think more, this amazing brand was selected by the founder  Daniel Lawrence as the name of the French dessert. In 1996 received a great investment from SKP that’s Sanders, Karp, and Megrue.

Believe me guys Charlotte russe perfume is among the best sensational perfumes on the market today, you gonna fall in love with this brand. Here we have the perspective of this brand which will clear all your thoughts about selecting it or rejecting this brand here.


1. Charlotte Russe Refuge Perfume 1.7 Ounce BlendedCHECK PRICE
2. Charlotte Russe Refuge Nights Perfume 1.7 Fl/OzCHECK PRICE
3. Charlotte Russe Royal Citron Body Mist 5 OunceCHECK PRICE
4. Charlotte Russe Delightful PerfumeCHECK PRICE
5.  Charlotte Russe Sweet Crush Toilette Parfum Fragrance CHECK PRICE

Company Perspective

The company is having the best quality with super fantastic presentation as it is having an amazing store of these amazing fashion accessories. The company has amazing fashion projects which attract a large number of customers from a broad range of socioeconomic, cultural, and demographic visions. Their artistic creator’s collection enables their customers to always get the complete outfits that are perfect for many of their lifestyles. The Company has the potential and confidence to anticipate, identify, and capitalize on the fashion styles of its targeted and close customers.

History of Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is the most famous and quality brand which gives you the best choice of two stores that are Charlotte Russe and Rampage. Both the stores have varied collections in which Charlotte Russe store makes ai on the women who want to make fashion at reasonable rates; Rampage store which is opposite the first one provides higher-priced clothes and accessories. As of April 2000, the company had opened 113 stores in the 17 rich states and Puerto Rico.

As you all got an idea about the establishment, popularity, and history of the brand , now it’s time to serve you with a super fancy range of perfumes which we can buy on several online shopping websites easily.

7 Best Charlotte Russe Perfume For You!

1. Charlotte Russe Refuge Perfume 1.7 Ounce Blended

1. Charlotte Russe Refuge Perfume 1.7 Ounce Blended

This is the well-featured product available in exciting packaging and prices on almost all online shopping websites as well as in the shops. It’s a 50ml spray perfume which is a refuge perfume. It’s a new perfume in the perfume collection of Charlotte Russe. This Charlotte Russe fragrance is available to you in a pink color box which has the former version of Raspberries, green apple, sandalwood, and peach. This is the new refuge perfume 1.7 which is available with exciting features and offers.


  Brand              Charlotte Russe

Volume.                50 milliliters

  Ratings.                    4.6

2. Charlotte Russe Refuge Nights Perfume 1.7 Fl/Oz

Charlotte Russe Refuge Nights Perfume 1.7 Fl/Oz

It’s a brand new and extremely original  Charlotte Russe Refuge perfume. It has a new and super fantastic original packaging. It’s a unique Charlotte Russe fragrance that is specially created by considering the needs of women. It comes in a unique and slim glass bottle. It’s one of the best Charlotte russe perfumes launched till now.

It is having fresh bursting notes of pineapple, exotic Moroccan, vanilla, orchid, rose, and Egyptian Jasmine.


Fragrance.              Refuge

Item size.                1.7 ounces

Manufacturer.            USA

 Ratings.                      4.1

3. Charlotte Russe Royal Citron Body Mist 5 Ounce

Charlotte Russe perfume

This is the fantastic Charlotte Russe Citron Body mist which makes you feel fresh and exciting as it’s a Charlotte russe cologne with final fresh flavors and notes. It is an alluring and royal most popular and used product of Brand Charlotte Russe. It is available to you online at affordable prices.


Volume               150 milliliter

 Rating.                   5.0

4. Charlotte Russe Delightful Perfume

Charlotte Russe Delightful Perfume

This exotic perfume will spread delightfulness and freshness all over your heart and brain, believe me, guys it’s the ever-delightful perfume you have experienced in your life. It is the best  Charlotte Russe perfume to introduce as your signature scent with a sparkling and fruity fragrance. This perfume has a slight aroma of citrus fruits in it which will make you feel fresh and energetic.

Notes: It has fresh clementine, magnolia petals, and sparkling pear.


  Volume.                 50ml

 Item Size.             1.7fl oz

  Ratings.                4.8


1. Michael Kors Wonderlust Eau de Parfum SprayCHECK PRICE
2. Lauren Perfume by Ralph Lauren for WomenCHECK PRICE
3. GUESS Dare Eau de Toilette Spray for WomenCHECK PRICE
4. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell 3.4oz PerfumeCHECK PRICE
5. Chânél Coco Mademoiselle For Women Eau de Parfum SprayCHECK PRICE

5.  Charlotte Russe Sweet Crush Toilette Parfum Fragrance Perfume Spray

5.  Parfum Fragrance Perfume Spray

This is the captivating fresh and one of the sweet floral smelling perfumes of a fantastic collection of Charlotte Russe popular in the USA. . This is the sweet Charlotte russe cologne, especially for the women in a gorgeous perfume bottle.  It’s smell is very sweet yet seductive. It lasts all day and night.


Manufacturer.        USA

  Volume.               50ml

  Ratings                  4.2

6. Charlotte Russe Blooming Violet Eau De Toilette Perfume Spray

Charlotte Russe Blooming Violet Eau De Toilette Perfume Spray

Charlotte Russe Blooming Violet Eau De Toilette Perfume Spray is somewhat having the fresh enticing and captivating fruity floral smell with the blooming violet notes of violet petals,  white jasmine, and sandalwood all the notes get well blended and it leads to the formation of the amazing floral fresh and warm feminine Charlotte russe cologne.

Special characters of the perfume:-

  • It’s a rich captivating range of perfumes that is newly launched in the market, especially for women.
  • Simply spreads the unique and fresh fragrance with blooming fantastic notes of violet petals and sandalwood.
  • The most popular product of Charlotte Russe in the USA.


Item volume.            30 milliliters

 Item size.                     1 ounce

  Ratings                         4.1

7. Charlotte Russe Refuge Luxe Platinum Perfume

Charlotte Russe Refuge Luxe Platinum Perfume

It is the elegant sweet and sophisticated and distinct type of scent which gives a unique impact on your personality and makes you stand perfect and glamorous in the crowd of gorgeous personalities. It has the hundred percent original Charlotte russe cologne with the oriental unfolding notes of dewy violet, praline, toasted vanilla, and velvet plum.

It is the most popular and gorgeous perfume range in the USA and the brand stands strong and glamorous in the market all over the world. People all over the USA live the brand and use it on a large scale. It gives you the feeling of uniqueness in your personality with a different attitude and confidence.


Brand name.    Charlotte Russe

Manufacturer.         USA

Volume.                50 milliliters

Item Size.              1.7 ounces

Item Form.                 Spray

 Ratings.                       4.6


“Charlotte Russe” it’s the leading perfume brand in America which is now the trending or we can say that it is a  dominating brand all over the globe which is introduced in every perfumery shop in the world online as well as in the market shops. To get this famous and branded perfume collection firstly you have to search for the brand. As you search for this brand you can get plenty of useful information, as we are here to provide you and after this, your work of choosing your best-suited perfume becomes easy with us.

But due to the super fantastic and glorious perfume collection of Charlotte Russe, it’s confusing for your mind to select the one perfume for you only, you are going to be mad for the whole perfume series but at last choose and buy your best fit. As every perfume bottle of Charlotte russe is going to satisfy you and is worth its price too.

It’s not easy to decide the first time which perfume should you choose but once you got connected with the best research there you are going to get every piece of information about the product which you are going to buy as like pros and cons of that product and public reviews of the product and here about the Charlotte Russe cologne everything is openly introduced by the company.

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