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Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes Break Silence on ‘GMA’ Exit, Cite Love as the Culprit


In a revelation that echoes the personal and professional struggles of love, former “Good Morning America” hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have finally opened up about their departure from the ABC News morning show. This candid discussion took place on their newly launched podcast, “Amy & T.J.,” precisely one year after the network suspended them, marking a poignant anniversary for the duo.

Love Lost and Job Departed

Holmes set the tone on the premiere episode, encapsulating their experience, stating, “The best way to sum us up, Amy and T.J., is that we’re the folks who lost the jobs we love because we love each other.” Robach, acknowledging her nervousness, added depth to their journey, revealing they’ve endured a challenging year since their dismissal, referring to it as “hell.” She emphasized the complexities of relationships, labeling them as hard, messy, yet worth fighting for.

A Happy Ending in the Making

Holmes countered the narrative of loss with a positive outlook, sharing that he’s the “happiest and healthiest” in his life. He expressed his love for Robach and their shared plans for a future together. This revelation serves as a counterbalance to the challenges they faced, hinting at a new chapter of happiness.

Suspension and Termination Drama

The timeline of events unfolds with the revelation of their off-camera affair, leading to ABC News suspending them on December 5, 2022. ABC News president Kim Godwin deemed their relationship an “internal and external disruption,” resulting in their official termination in January. Robach disclosed their intention to discuss the relationship in January 2023, a plan foiled by the premature public revelation.

The Unavoidable Distraction

The couple faced a crucial turning point in December when their bosses labeled them a distraction. At this juncture, Holmes remarked, “we knew we would not be going back to that network… you can’t come back from that.” Their exit from “GMA3” gained mainstream attention, with headlines screaming, “Morning Show Stars Suspended,” further magnifying the impact due to their association with the esteemed brand.

Public Support and Recognition

On their podcast, the hosts recounted instances of public recognition and supportive encounters. Robach reflected on the universal desire for love and the unpredictable nature of its occurrence.

“Amy & T.J.” Podcast: A New Chapter

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Last month, the duo announced their podcast in collaboration with iHeartMedia. Described as a platform to “explore meaningful conversations about current events, pop culture and everything in between,” the show is executive produced by the hosts. Beyond podcasting, Robach and Holmes are set to collaborate on upcoming programming for iHeartPodcasts.

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