7 Best Ed Hardy Perfumes That Will Make You Smell Like Heaven

Have you ever sprayed a most branded, limited edition of a perfume? Have you ever coughed such a pleasant smell? If not, here you go, yep here today we have brought the greatest and best range of perfumes with their goods and bads, afterward it will be easy for you to choose the best perfume with a fully aware mind .

So you know, what are Ed Hardy perfumes? Firstly, telling you about this, Ed Hardy is an excellent lifestyle iconic fashion brand. Don Ed Hardy is the Godfather of tattoos in the rich country of America. This is the most loving and costly brand of luxury, accessories, and many more that enhance your daily lifestyle and special part of your living.

And Ed Hardy perfume brand is having one of the best collections of perfumes, having the greatest demand worldwide.

After such an intro to this biggest branded perfume, it’s guessable that everyone will get this. And for making your work easy here, I have stored everything for you, all good customers, from selecting perfume to opening and using your goods.


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Choosing The Right Perfume Or Ed Hardy Cologne Only For You

  • Firstly researching with a critical eye as it will be branded and costly; you should search with care.
  • The next thing to know about perfumes is that every perfume has different notes
  • Selecting the note that suits you, it may be a headnote, heart note, or base note.
  • Every perfume note is created timely and the intense use of perfumes.
  • Use sample perfumes for identifying to get known with your choice.
  • You should know about your skin and spray where it seems to be warm.
  • The last and most important thing is to try something new without any fear.

Tips For Maintaining The Power Or Long Lastingness Of Your Scent From Day to Night

  • Don’t rub on perfume that you had sprayed.
  • Store perfume in the room in a cupboard or dressing table at a suitable temperature.
  • Don’t put perfume in the bathroom for a long time.
  • Before applying scents like the Ed Hardy scents, firstly moisturize the part where you are applying them.
  • It’s necessary to use every last drop of the sprayed amount of perfume.

Let’s Get Close To The 7 Best Ed Hardy Colognes

1. Ed Hardy Villain Eau De Toilette Spray For Men

Ed Hardy perfume

Ed Hardy Villain is the exclusive creation of the Christian Audigier, especially for the MEN. It’s an EDT spray having 4.2 OZ. The launching date of this famous brand is 2011. It’s a 2011 series launched by the design boutique of Christian Audigier.

Ed Hardy Villain has a sage blending of flavors like Pepper, Basil, Cardamom, Bergamot, and nutmeg by Christian Audigier. It’s authentic to smell and lasts for a long time, out of our expectations.

As you got this authentic branded collection, it’s best to use it on romantic wear.


Fragrance:            Villain

Specialization :        Men

Item Weight :        476gms

Item Type:           Spray

Item size: 4.2 FI

2. Ed Hardy Hearts & daggers by Christian Audigier for Women

Ed Hardy Hearts & daggers by Christian Audigier for Women

Believe it, guys, it’s a super fantastic product of the Ed Hardy exclusively by Christian Audigier. It’s an alluring and cherry blend of the amazing components of violet leaf, Apple blossom, blood orange, and pink jasmine in contrast with a base of cashmere musk, blond and amber wood. It’s a little pleasant and spicy Ed Hardy fragrance in the new cover and box.

So if you got this amazing brand of ed hardy fragrance and wore it, you will answer the questions like, “Hey, What was it?”


Brand           :   Ed Hardy

Specialization           :                      Women

3. Ed Hardy Women’s Perfume Fragrance by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy Women’s Perfume Fragrance by Christian Audigier, Eau Oe Parfum

Attention to this amazing collection of ed hardy perfumes; yes, Ed Hardy Women’s perfume fragrance is one breathtaking perfume that will take your soul on vacation.

It is a unique and rich fragrance for women. It was launched in 2008, and since then, it’s the most loved brand in the world. Top notes: Grapefruit, wild strawberry, Mango and Apple.

Middle notes: Lime, Freesia blossom, and lily of the valley; Base notes Amber, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Musk.

Size:           3.4 FI Oz

Ratings:      4.7


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4. Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray by Ed Hardy, Skulls and Roses, Eau De Toilette

Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray by Ed Hardy, Skulls and Roses, Eau De Toilette

This Men’s ed hardy cologne is the best example of confidence and daring as we can judge it by its dashing appearance of a skull.

Creators are Ed Hardy & Perfume’s Mary Pierre Julien and Adriana Medina Baez. Launched in sept. 2012.

Top notes: bergamot and cardamom.

Specialization :                                Men’s

Size : Travel Size

Type : Spray

It has 4.7 ratings on Amazon

5. Ed Hardy Born Wild Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Ed Hardy Born Wild Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

Ed Hardy Born Wild is the best range of ed hardy perfumes. This Ed Hardy perfume was launched in 2010.

Top notes: Cardamom, Orange, Ambrette, Apple Middle notes: Pink Pepper, Jasmine, and Neroli Base notes: woodsy and sandalwood


Believe me; you are going to fall in love with the lightning cover body of the spray it’s just very, very amazing. It has a unique Ed Hardy logo on the front, which is the main part that catches the eyes of the customers. The fragrance has the descent and simple essence of youthfulness in it.

Specialization : Men

Weight : 1.7

Type : Spray

Brand: Ed Hardy

It has 4.7 ratings globally

Caution: Flammable, do not use near heal, fire, or flame.

6. Ed Hardy, Love & Luck for Women

 Ed Hardy, Love & Luck for Women

Floral and mostly feminine, this is the luxury Ed Hardy scent having the most delicate and fresh aroma, inspired by the natural refreshments and beauty.

It mainly addresses the charm of a woman in adulation and blessed with the beauty of nature.

Adriana Medina manufactures its fantastic series of perfumes made for the Ed Hardy Perfume brand.

Composition: black currant, blood orange, red sake accord bergamot, nectarine, sandalwood, plum, cedarwood, musk, jasmine, pink peppercorn.

Cautions: External use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from direct flame or heat. Do not apply to sensitive areas of the skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

Storage: Store in cool and dry places. Don’t store it in the bathroom. Specialization:                                  Women

Creator: Christian Audigier

Type: Spray

Size : 3.4 oz

Volume : 100 mL

Ed Hardy’s scent of women has a rating of 4.

7. Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray by Ed Hardy, Hearts & Daggers, Eau De Toilette

Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray by Ed Hardy, Hearts & Daggers, Eau De Toilette

Ed Hardy Heart & Daggers is created by Christian Audigier, especially a series of perfumes for confident men. It’s 100 % authentic and alluring. It is the new collection of Ed Hardy Fragrance.

The most amazing thing is that it is the trendy combination of having the great stock on-demand in the whole world on online shopping websites and in Ed Hardy Perfume stores.

Specialization:              Men

Item weight : 12 ounces

Item Type: spray

It has 4.7 ratings globally. And the product has amazing reviews all over the world.


In today’s world of pretense, everyone is walking behind to enhance their beauty and personality. This motive of looking best and smelling best is completed with the help of designer creations of creative designers.

Let’s take the most famous branded example of Ed Hardy Fragrance. Yeah, it’s a delightful boutique of the world’s top designers who provide their best collection of lifestyle accessories worldwide. Ed Hardy perfume is one of the most famous and most selling accessories.

So you can get this collection of perfume at stores and home delivery from the online shopping websites. As it’s a branded perfume, it’s not allowed to cough once you choose your best, so now it’s difficult for you to get your suit. So in such conditions, it’s better to research your choice.

Researching is the best way of finding what you want. You can get both views about the product. It may be good as well as bad. The only thing you have to do is choose the one you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Manufacturer or creator of Ed Hardy Perfume?

Christian Audigier

What is Ed Hardy?

It is an iconic lifestyle fashion brand of accessories.

Where to buy Ed Hardy perfume?

You can buy the whole collection of Ed Hardy fragrances through the buy links given in the articles on amazon.

Who is the owner of Ed Hardy perfumes?

Christian Audigier is the owner as well as manufacturer of Ed Hardy Scents.

Which is the best Ed Hardy Perfume?

It’s hard to tell as the whole collection has its unique specialty; you can only get with which you fall in love.