Give Yourself A Treat With 10 Best English Laundry Perfumes

Messed up with the name of the brand let’s make your messed mind clear and closer with the world-famous and fantastic perfume brand that’s the best English laundry perfumes.

English laundry perfume brand is a well-established and very old brand with trending new features which are going to attract you towards its serious collection of classy perfumes which gives you a rich look and feeling and makes you stand unique on every occasion and at every party that you attain.

And nowadays perfume gas has become the finishing point of our whole makeup look and personality. Everything in the fashion world is incomplete without the perfume that you wore so in this competitive world of glamour a magical perfume that stands at the top and is engraved in its name in the world of fragrances is the English laundry perfume.


1. English Laundry No. 7 Eau De ParfumCHECK PRICE
2. English Laundry By Christopher Wicks Women Perfume 3.4OZCHECK PRICE
3. English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme Eau De Parfum SprayCHECK PRICE
4. English Laundry Crown Cologne Fragrance Spray CHECK PRICE
5. English Laundry Primrose Perfume 3.4 OzCHECK PRICE

About The English Laundry Perfume Brand

It’s an English attire and fragrance brand which is very famous. It was founded by the popular designer Christopher Wicks. The brand was started as menswear with an amazing collection of the men’s such as celebrities, business tycoons, and many more personalities. This brand was launched as a menswear collection in the year 2010 but now this brand is widely expanded in the great range of other offerings such as fragrances which is a successful range of English Laundry Brand.

This is a very special and unique brand that gives you a uniquely British look and feel that you are going to love and enjoy. Wicks drew inspiration from a perfume line from its hometown of Manchester, England, this expresses the whole strategy behind the naming of the brand. This brand was created with his interest in music and fashion which makes this brand stand out as a sign of uniqueness and joy.

The English Laundry Cologne is the newest and magical creation of the Wicks with his artistic mashup of music and fashion which is fastly growing and getting the approval of aficionados. There is a collection of 10 different English Laundry Cologne in various affordable sizes which are greatly offered in the market at present and after getting completed with the men’s series of fashion Wicks has also created two fragrances for the women that are loved and demanded by all around the country and globe, the good names of that perfumes are “English Rose”and “No”.

It’s my suggestion to every perfume lover to try this collection once after checking the goods and bad of the brand which you are going to know in this article, which is going to guide you to choose your best fit of English laundry, so let’s just check the amazing collection of 10 best English Laundry Cologne.

10 Best English Laundry Perfumes For You

1. English Laundry No. 7 Eau De Parfum

It is the most rarely offered collection of English Laundry Women cologne. It is loved by the independent women performing their best in every field, it is the mashup of formal and informal feel with the joy of notes such as apricot and melon with almond extracts with the vanilla cream. This gives the feeling of peace, softness, and confidence, it shows the innocence of your whole look when you meet your partner on any occasion. It is having a mixing of fun floral and fruity fragrances with a bright expression of the look.

Specialty.                    Women perfume

Form.                                Spray

Volume.                             100ml

2. English Laundry By Christopher Wicks Women Perfume

It is the hundred percent natural English laundry scent with an authentic fragrance of freshness for her. This is a polished bottle with an eye-catching look without a box. Getting this perfume in your wardrobe is going to be a fantastic deal.

So, be a little fast to get the new feeling of freshness with this floral formula of English laundry perfume.

Volume                      100ml

Size                            3.4 fl oz

Size type.                   Regular

Form.                         Spray

It has 4.6 ratings all over the globe.

3. English Laundry Oxford Bleu Femme Eau De Parfum

This is the amazing range of English laundry women’s perfume with a captivating and floral combination which is a sign of uniqueness. Oxford Bleu Femme is the total transformation of your personality into a new and unique form with a very strong combination of top notes of citrus and melon, mid notes of vanilla and Jasmine, and base notes of violet and sandalwood.

Suggested Use:

Spray on each of your hands and then dab smoothly on your neck.

4. English Laundry Crown Cologne

It is an amazing collection of English Laundry Cologne which reveals English Laundry Perfume Notes with top notes of lemon, grapefruit, apple, leafy greens which slowly turn to the heart touching notes of ginger, cardamom, clove, rose, geranium, and lavender.

The secret of this perfume is that as it gets dry it gives you the fantastic aroma of cedarwood, amber, Tonka, and oakmoss, which is hard to forget!


Brand                      English Laundry

Form.                        Spray

Age range.               Adult

Special character.        Long-lasting

Volume                        20 Ml

Ratings.                     4.5

5. English Laundry Primrose Perfume

This amazing English laundry perfume is having great demand worldwide. It is getting unfolded with the English laundry perfume notes of bright bergamot, fresh orange, and black currant, and this perfume gets transformed into rosewater and dewy greens with Lily of the valley. And it gives the last impression of elegant vanilla musk and blonde woods.


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6. English Laundry Signature Pour Femme Eau De Perfume

The English Laundry Women’s Perfume i.e. Signature unfolds with the white chocolate and jasmine petals at the heart of the cologne. It is a pure and natural perfume with notes of orris roots, powdery musk, and sensual woods as a base.

It is strongly inspired by classic country gardens having a charming blend of all the fantastic notes.

Features :

Boutique.            English Laundry

Launch year.        2013

Size.                    3.4 fl oz

Form.                  Spray

7. English  Laundry London Eau De Toilette Spray

This is the best collection of English Laundry perfumes for men.  This is the range of perfumes from English laundry which makes you feel like traveling in London without leaving your hometown, it’s just a free and floatable feeling of a new adventure.

It is having the combination of high notes of blackberries, bergamot, ambergris, oakmoss blended to perfection to create this natural scent.

Scent.                 London scent

Brand.                 English laundry

Form.                    Spray

Ratings.               4.6

8. NOTTING HILL English Laundry Women Perfume

It is a soft intensifying and elegant English laundry perfume for women with floral notes of bergamot, Mandarin Cassis, mid notes of jasmine, rose, cyclamen, and drying down to the notes of vanilla and amber.

Special thing is that the perfume is manufactured with raw materials imported from the USA.

Characters :

  • It suits best on every occasion.
  • It is a pampering luxury brand.
  • It acts as a boost for your personality and makes you confident.

9. English Laundry Arrogant Eau De Toilette

It is one of the boldest cologne for men in the English Laundry men’s perfume collection, this arrogant way de Toilette was launched in 2010. It is a greatly loved and classy perfume of men having the mash-up of notes of cedar, lavender, coriander, amber, bergamot, and sandalwood.

Specialty.              Men’s

Form.                     Spray

Ratings.                 4.6

10. English Laundry Riviera Eau De Toilette

It makes your first impressions memorable with the strong Riviera, it’s a charming and spicy perfume for men who are supposed to wear a fresh clean scent every day. Top notes of lemon, lime, bergamot, middle notes for freshening, and the last base note of spicy black pepper and nutmeg.

Specialty.                   Men’s

Volume.                     100 Ml

Form.                        Spray

Ratings.                    4.5


In the today’s running world of fashion and glamour, there are millions of brands of makeup, perfume, and attire and due to such crowding it’s a little difficult to choose your best, but no need to worry as we are ready to help you in a this with our super amazing information about the popular brands in the world.

The brand English laundry is also one of the most demanded and popular brands around the globe. It was launched several years ago and became a successful brand in the world with its well-established fashion trend consisting of everything that a fashion lover wants or can say that needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy English laundry perfume?

It is exclusively available in the boutiques of the English laundry in the famous cities of England and America and you can also buy them through the links given below the perfume.

Who owns English laundry?

A genius brand creator Christopher Wick.

Is English laundry a good brand?

It mostly depends on everyone’s choice, according to some ratings it’s not that much enough but it’s an outstanding brand in the world of fashion and glamour and also the business.