The Art Of Fashion: Curve Cologne

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In this world of fashion and glamour today, we will introduce a new variety of perfumes that gives you an extraordinary level of harmony and freshness, which gains the attention of younger consumers. As the perfume has such a strong fragrance, it enforces the youth generation to make it their choice.

The brand is Curve ; yep, all the above features are compacted in this fantastic perfume brand. This super fantastic Curve Cologne brand is launched in the market by the Liz Claiborne Cosmetics division of Liz Claiborne. Since 2008 Curve has been the most sold perfume and other scents of the Liz Claiborne Cosmetics division with the licensing treaty by Elizabeth Arden to sell it anywhere in the world.

When curve scents were released, it was the best perfume ever for women and men. It had targeted women and men in their 20s; Liz Claiborne fragrances had not pursued a market that had until then. And Curve fragrance has proved successful in reaching that demographic target. It is the best perfume brand for men and women in their 20s. The Curve perfume for men and the Curve perfume for women differs in several features. It’s always better to distinguish between the original and the newcomer. And the real thing about this best Curve perfume is that it does not prefer to make use of celebrities for its advertisements.

Everyone has their own choices and tastes, which makes them unique from others, and believe me, guys, this is good. We can directly say that it’s a great choice for great people. So it’s not fair not to get closer to the collection of the Curve fragrances as here I am to present with such a fantastic collection of Curve cologne.

Now, after getting known with the brand, the company, and the perfumer of the Curve perfume, it’s time to see the amazing and glamourous collection of the curve. I am here for you all, young, beautiful, and gorgeous perfume lovers, with the full package of the ten best Curve Cologne. Let’s take a look at the ten best Curve cologne.


1.    Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray By Curve, Curve BlackCHECK PRICE
2.    Curve Crush Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray By CurveCHECK PRICE
3.    Curve Chill For Men, Men’s Cologne Spray CHECK PRICE
4.    Curve By Liz Claiborne For Men Cologne SprayCHECK PRICE
5. Curve Soul By Liz Claiborne For  Men Cologne SprayCHECK PRICE

Here Are 10 Best Curve Cologne For You

1. Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray By Curve, Curve Black

Men's Cologne Fragrance Spray By Curve, Curve Black

As Curve cologne brand is now under the leader Elizabeth Arden, she launched this dashing masculine perfume bottle .

Cologne: Curve Black. And also introduced the new brand ambassador Mark Dohner.

Top notes: Nutmeg, Violet leaves, bergamot.

Heart notes lavender, clay, and tree moss.

Base notes: teak, tonka bean, and sandalwood

Product Details:

Launched.                    2017

 Volume                         75ml

   Rating                          3.76

Where to wear: –

It’s the dashing, masculine, and formal perfume best for meetings and office work and gives you a unique and formal impression.

2. Curve Crush Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray By Curve, Casual Day Or Night Scent

2. Spray By Curve, Casual Day Or Night Scent

It is the floral, fresh, spontaneous, and supercharged blend of the distinct freshness which makes your presence mandatory and full of joy. It’s a casual scent for Day or Night use. Let’s get out of the mask to find a crush with such an elegant Men’s cologne.

Product Details:

Volume.                        125ml

 Ratings                           4.5

Where to wear:-

It’s a Casual perfume for Day or Night with a floral, fresh fragrance, it is one of the best men’s cologne of its time. You can wear it for Casual meetings or on a date with someone special.

3. Curve Chill For Men, Men’s Cologne Spray 

curve cologne

It is the chilled spilled Men’s perfume launched by the glamorous boutique of Liz Claiborne. It gives the amazing and cool freshness having the mind relaxing fragrance with the unfolding of the notes of the line, coriander, green tea, cardamom, white pepper, musk, Sandalwood, and many more.

Product Details :

Brand.            Liz Claiborne

Launched.         2006

Volume.            125ml

Item size.         4.1 fl oz

Item form.         Spray

 Rating.              4.6

Where to wear:-

Not any restrictions or suggestions for wearing this versatile perfume which is specially created for the Men’s that’s the chilled Men’s cologne.

4. Curve Wave, Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray by Curve Casual Cool Day or Night Scent

Curve Wave, Men's Cologne Fragrance Spray by Curve Casual Cool Day or Night Scent

It is the Curve Men’s cologne with the classy freshness expressing summer essence.

Product Details :

Brand                       Curve

Volume.                   125ml

Item size                4.2 fl oz

Item form.              Spray

Rating                     4.6

Where to wear:-

It is the best-suited perfume for the summer days. You can also wear it in a hot environment while traveling or exploring.

5. Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray by Curve  Spicy Wood Magnetic Scent for Day or Night

Men's Cologne Fragrance Spray by Curve  Spicy Wood Magnetic Scent for Day or Night

It is the Magnetic men’s perfume as, according to its name, it attracts the uniqueness, happiness, and freshness in your personality, which makes you the perfect personality.

Top notes: lavender, juniperberry.

Middle notes rose, cardamom, and lavender.

Base Notes Black pepper and sandalwood.

Product Details:-

Brand                   Curve

Fragrance.           Aromatic

Item form.              Liquid

 Volume.               125ml

Item Size.             4.2 fl oz

 Rating                   4.0

Where to wear:-

It’s too free to wear on formal or informal occasions or parties, festivals, and many more. 



1.   Raw Pheromone Cologne – Attracting Pheromone Cologne for MenCHECK PRICE
2.    Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne SprayCHECK PRICE
3.    Men’s Cologne Fragrance by Paul Sebastian, Day or Night Scent CHECK PRICE
4.   Azzaro Chrome Fresh Citrus Eau de ToiletteCHECK PRICE
5. Coty Aspen for Men Cologne SprayCHECK PRICE

6. Curve By Liz Claiborne For Men

 It is the Curve by Liz Claiborne, especially for men, as we can say that it’s a dashing and refreshing men’s perfume that makes your masculinity strong and influences your personality with a blend of all notes below.

Notes – pepper, fresh green arm wind with the finishing mahogany and water.

Product Details:-

Brand.              Liz Claiborne Curve

Launches.               1996

Item size.              2.5 fl oz

Item form.               Spray

Volume.                  125ml

Rating.                     4.7

When to wear:-

It was recommended to apply in the Daytime. It’s the perfume for daily use, office, daytime occasions, and official meetings.

7. Curve Connect, Men’s Cologne Fragrance Spray by Curve

Curve Connect, Men's Cologne Fragrance Spray by Curve

It is the best Men’s cologne by curve, which suits the extrovert men who always stay connected with the people around them and make the relationship with new people. This amazing Curve Connect perfume gives them a bold and confident attitude, which helps them to open up freely.

Product Details

Brand.                  Curve

Item form.             Spray

Item size               4.2 fl oz.  

Volume                 125ml

Rating.                  4.5

Where to wear:- According to the perfume details, it’s best to wear it when you are social, Like at family festivals, occasions, get together.

8. Curve Soul By Liz Claiborne For  Men Cologne Spray

It is the best floral perfume for men, which presents itself with the fruity freshness of distinct features due to the blend of the high-quality perfume notes in this fantastic men’s perfume.

Product Details

Brand.                 Curve

Perfumer.    Jean-Marc Challan &

                       Loc Dong

Launched.         2005

Volume.           100ml

Rating              4.04

Where to wear – The spiritual experience makes you fresh from the heart. You can wear it every day at work.

9. Curve Sport by Liz Claiborne For Men

Let me know if you are looking for the perfume which works best and is long-lasting at the gym, office, tour, or traveling with this amazing Curve Sport Men’s Perfume.

Product Details

Brand.                         Curve

Volume.                      125ml

Item size                     4.2 fl oz

Item form.                     Spray

Where to were:-

It’s specially created for applying while going to the gym, office, and playground (sports players ).

10. Curve Blue, For Women, Eau De Toilette Spray, Perfume For Women

Curve Blue, For Women, Eau De Toilette Spray, Perfume For Women

It’s a fantastic, bright, glorious, and sparkling active fragrance for women. It’s the amazing collection of Women’s Curve Cologne. Women’s perfume forces you to remember it for a long time.

Product Details:

Brand.                     Curve

Launched.              1996

Item form.              Spray

Item size.               1.7 fl oz

Specialty.              Women

Volume                     50ml

Rating.                      4.5

Where to wear:-

It’s the special women’s perfume by the design house of the Liz Claiborne, which is a limited edition for women and can be used for any occasion or daily use, in offices, and many more.


“Curve Cologne” by “Liz Claiborne” is the perfect perfume for both men and women, having some distinctiveness between the features that make them unique, and you can get all this amazing collection on the most popular shopping websites like Amazon, where most of the collection of Curve is available in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is curve cologne good?

It is the most interesting and sparkling perfume which smells highly spiritual; it’s a good cologne for everyone.

How long does curve cologne last?

This mostly depends on the perfume’s content, which means ingredients, but the timing of smell lasting is considered between 2 to 24 hours.

Who makes curve cologne?

Curve Cologne is exclusively made by or introduced by the great Liz Claiborne.

Does curve crush smell good?

It smells better than the original as curve crush is more fruity, floral, and juicy.

Where can I buy curve cologne?

It is available on online shopping websites and the design house of Liz Claiborne in New York. The most popular shopping websites having a Curve collection are Amazon and Fragantica, which consist of this whole fancy perfume collection with exciting offers for the regular customers and new ones.

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